NYPD must allow pot smoking in public


In addition to being allowed to commit misdemeanors, defecate in the street, solicit sex, and jump turnstiles, people can now smoke weed in public in New York.

It’s a Democrat Utopia of rising crime and police who can be personally sued by any lunatic who feels like it.

The NYPD has told cops how to enforce the state’s new marijuana law — which includes letting adults light up in public, ignoring the exchange of weed unless money is involved, and banning vehicle searches based on smell alone.

A four-page memo also says cops can’t “approach, stop or detain” a parolee for smoking or possessing pot, even if they know the ex-con isn’t supposed to be getting high.

Instead, they “should notify the relevant parole officers” to enforce the conditions under which the jailbird was sprung from prison.

The memo says the “sweeping changes” in enforcement are the result of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signing of a bill that legalized the recreational use, sale, and growing of weed.

New York is doing it for money, but the damage to young people will be enormous. It is a gateway drug and pot is often laced to boot.

Democrats like to keep us dumb and drugged. Cuomo signed the measure on Monday.

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