Saudi Monument to Allah Erected at the World Trade Center – UPDATED


UPDATE: 1/14/19: The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will remove this atrocious monument, The Observer reported

“We have been in contact with the 9/11 Memorial and various stakeholders, and in full collaboration with the artist will relocate the exhibit from its current location,” a spokesperson for the organization told Observer on Monday. “We believe this solution respects the unique sensitivities of the site and preserves the artistic integrity of the exhibit.”

“The Port Authority is apparently now taking the right action this week by removing the sculpture from the plaza at Ground Zero,” reads a statement signed by 16 families affected by the World Trade Center attacks. “Its apparent plan to relocate the exhibit to JFK International Airport is questionable as well, for obvious reasons. But surely the sculpture should be nowhere near the site of this mass murder.”

So, now it’s going to the airport, a favorite launching spot for terrorists.


A nine-foot sculpture has risen on the site of the World Trade Center terror attack of 9/11 in New York. It’s a Saudi Arabian ‘candy’ monument inscribed with the words, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is the prophet.”

Those are the same words used by the 9/11 terrorists who blew up the Twin Towers at that site. Most of the terrorists were Saudis and the government itself has been implicated at high levels.

Fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers were Saudis, two were from the U.A.E., one was from Lebanon and another was from Egypt.

A Congressional Inquiry’s report refers to evidence of Saudi Arabia’s substantial involvement in the execution of the attacks at high levels of government.

The Saudi monument is one of the statues representing the 20 nations — the G20 — that artist Laurence Jenkell thought appropriate for his ‘Candy of Nations’, according to the Observer. The Port Authority of New York also thought it an apt piece to put on this location.

It celebrates Saudi Arabia’s place in the G20 Summit and was erected last week.

I lost people on 9/11 on that spot and I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel about this statue.

If ever a statue needed to be taken down, it is this one.



  1. This is how the religion of pieces marks the territory they have “conquered”, like a dog peeing. Remove this blasphemy, IMMEDIATELY.

    • Why would Antifa object to this, they are one of Odimmer’s terrorist groups. If anything I would expect to see them surrounding it to protect it from being torn down by an angry anti-Muslim crowd. (but alas, there are no such people on the right that would think of doing it no matter how angry & offended they are)

  2. Forgive my pointing this out, but the sculpture is very appropriate for one reason. Never forget what is in their minds. This sculpture highlights that candy was given out to celebrate the murder of “infidels.” Never let down your guard.

  3. This is a complete slap in the face of each and every True American Patriot.
    I encourage all to read the book “The Christian and Civil Government”
    Written by Pastor John Weaver / 1993

  4. Once you realize this “Religion” is a Political Military Conquest Army of Satan then it’s easy to understand why being a Good Muslim means Lying, Stealing, Beating, Enslaving, Raping, Beheading, Killing & Torture you know why they revere the Pedophile Prophet. Being a “Believer” in Asslam, Pisslam or Shitslam still leaves you a Scuzzlim.

  5. Some NYY citizen needs to commission some street art at the Saudi “candy wrapper” WTC location.

    Spray paint, immediately.

  6. You have live with what you are willing to tolerate. America tolerated feminism and it got divorced.
    America tolerated homosexuality and it got AIDS and child molesters. America tolerated criminals and the criminals took over politics. America tolerated witchcraft and it got false pagan religions to go with its feminism. America tolerated corrupt judges and got wholesale corruption and imprisonment of the innocent. America tolerated the National Education Associations Communism and now it has a younger generation that is rioting and murdering in the streets. America tolerated atheism and now it’s against the law to tell the Truth from Gods Word The Bible. America tolerated freedom of speech and freedom of religion for everyone except Christians and now Christianity is outlawed. America tolerated alcohol and now it has become a nation of intoxicated fools. America tolerated women having the right to vote and now women rule over men in America. America allowed women to hold public office and now the younger generation of males think that it is normal for women to rule over men, but they want to marry men instead of girls as a result. America tolerated slaughter of children in the womb and called it a woman’s right, now it is amazed that women can’t get pregnant and brutal murder is commonplace. America tolerated drugs and for many years Americans have been unable to think clearly. And now America has tolerated Islam and will be surprised when people are beheaded,

    • in other words, people, there are consequences when we go against God’s laws! there is a consequence whenever you act unnaturally, whenever we as a nation accept the abominations as normal.

  7. Any city populated with people who are so amoral that they allow such an obscenity to be displayed at a scene of mass murder deserves nothing less than to fall into complete ruination

  8. “I’m leaving you; everyone in the village says you’re a pedophile.” said Mohammad’s wife. Mohammad replied, “Pedophile? That’s a mighty big word for a 9-year old.”

  9. Bears repeating: “Any city populated with people who are so amoral that they allow such an obscenity to be displayed at a scene of mass murder deserves nothing less than to fall into complete ruination.” – shivsnasty

    The few rule over the many because the many allow it.

  10. How despicable and disgraceful to the memories of the Fallen New Yorkers and Christians across our nation , Repulsive …
    Allah and the pedifile Muhammed can both kiss my ass and burn in hell…..

    • The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
      Corporate Offices
      4 World Trade Center
      150 Greenwich Street
      New York, NY 10007
      (212) 435-7000

      The Port Authority wants to hear from you! Your feedback is important to us.

      Please leave feedback for us online or on our Feedback Hotline.

      Feedback Hotline

      Please call (212) 435-3008 to leave a message with your feedback

    • Unfortunately that is exactly one of the first things the Museum Curators did. they placed a photo of each hi-jacker with name on an exhibit wall opposite yictims wall.along with a large photo of Assama bin Laden.

      I will never set foot or participate in any fund raising since. I travel to Shanksville PA the Flight 93 memorial to reflect my thoughts and reverence to the victims and that terrible day

  11. Yeah it sucks to see this statue but its not what you think it was it was only there as an Art exhibit for the G-20 the united nations. All 20 nations were represented shaped like candy and wrapped in their countries flag. But its not a permanent statue.Jenkell’s exhibit at the World Trade Center campus was called “Candy Nations” and comprised 20 nine-foot-tall, 1,450-pound candy sculptures, each wrapped in the flag of one the G20 nations. As Saudi Arabia is a member of the G20 international forum, they were represented as part of the exhibit.

  12. WTF: Candy is the new opiate of the people? Ok so what do we do about it? Is anybody organizing a protest? Any mafiosi out there who’d like to have a go at this monstrosity?

  13. if people heard howard stern speak on the subject of terrorist and the wall this past week. it was one of the most intelligent ramblings heard on the subject. p.s. he is donalds friend.

  14. Surely hope that in this day and age, some veteran or patriot afflicted with PTSD doesn’t go postal at the display and flash back

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