Michael Savage Interviews 4 Chan-er of Sex-Urinating Trump Story Fame


Michael Savage is a right-wing talk show host who interviewed the 4 Chan blogger who claims he made up the salacious stories about Trump and fed them to CTR (Hillary’s PAC Correct the Record) and to Never Trumper and pundit Rick Wilson.

Summary of Events

To briefly recap for those who haven’t heard the story, bloggers on 4 Chan mailed fan fiction to anti-Trump pundit Rick Wilson about Trump’s urinating sexcapades. Wilson thought it was real and somehow it made its way to the CIA.

Mother Jones posted the story about the CIA urinating sex stories on October 31st, saying it came from a former Western intelligence service officer.

We now know that man was British spy turned ambassador to Russia Christopher Steele who said he obtained the rumors from Russian operatives and put them in memos which later became the report.

Meanwhile, the 4 Chan bloggers say they were trolling Correct the Record and never Trumper Rick Wilson who is closely allied with Evan Mcmullin. They say they bought the story they made up which is the story in Steele’s report.

For those who don’t know anything about the story, The Sentinel published a summary of the Zerohedge review of the story on this link. We also have Bill O’Reilly’s take on how it came about  on this link.

No matter how you look at it an anonymous person working for the DNC [Christopher Steele] gave the  information from anonymous sources in Russia that tell him Russia has blackmail material including a sex urinating story. It’s all gossip and innuendo.

We need to add here that the urinating sex story published by Buzzfeed and pushed by CNN is largely debunked — it’s filled with lies. It’s an absurd story.

Either way, it should alarm people that our intelligence service held on to a compilation of gossip memos put together by a political assassin and included it in a pack of reports given to President Obama and President-elect Donald Trump. It should also alarm people that it was immediately leaked after it was given to eight members of Congress.

The Interview

Michael Savage interviewed someone from 4 Chan the day before yesterday who said they did make up the story. Yesterday, Savage spoke to the person who claims he is the actual person who invented the story but without the Russian angle.

The 4 Chan story doesn’t appear to line up on the calendar and the Sentinel believes the O’Reilly version. We first heard rumors of a story like this in June. The 4 Chan Blogger concocted their story in October. In the end, the CIA took gossip seriously. no matter how you look at it.

Listen to the interview and see if it sheds any light on the story.



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