Save America from the Soulless and the Greedy


The Merging of the Soulless and the Greedy

There is a new type of tyranny in town. It is the convergence of the Chinese Maoist ideology and US Big Corporations and the Democrat Party.

China has adopted a communist version of capitalism, and the United States, in fact the entire great resetting Western World, is adopting capitalism with a more tyrannical, authoritative mission.

China and America Are Converging

Joel Kotkin, writing for the Claremont Institute, sees it as a “new alliance between large corporate powers, Wall Street, and the progressive clerisy (nonprofits, cowed media, and their academic mentors) in government and media.”

The corporations embrace “stakeholder” capitalism to please regulators, the woke employees, and to make themselves feel good. They resemble fascist states. You can accumulate capital but you are not permitted to dissent.

US Corporations have largely become monopolies with untold power. They no longer fear the people because effective boycotts are only from the Left and they cater to them.

Western complicity sees no advantages in catering to the populace, but rather in WOKE ideology and catering to it and the minority, not the majority.

China and America Becoming One

The concentration of power in Chinese and American corporatism is in a few hands. The new corporatism is a combination of Marxism and fascism. The US corporate power is used by the government much as Mussolini used it, i.e., to institute feudalism.

As a result, corporations must push an ideology that benefits their new stakeholders. So, they push genderism, “systemic racism,” and other elements of the woke agenda. They are also aligning with the Great Reset and the ‘save the planet’ scam. To do that, they slow the growth of the working and middle classes while maintaining their extraordinary profits by disrupting energy and other industries.

China already followed this model and we are right behind them. It allows monopolies to flourish.

“Chinese authorities see that “a conflictual-competitive system,” like that usually dominant in America, “will hold back national economic priorities and damage the social fabric,” said Joel Mullich at the Wall Street Journal.

Under the rubric of “Corporate Social Responsibility,” the state still holds the command keys, and, although entrepreneurs are allowed to get rich, they cannot deviate much from the state orthodoxy.

We keep hearing ‘Democrats’ say we have to end the meritocracy and competition. This is why. It’s not because they think it’s unfair. It’s about power and wealth.

The CCP does not allow corporations to set their own agenda. U.S. companies in China must kowtow to the CCP agenda and do.

Democrats Play the Role of Xi Jinping

The Democrat Party plays the role of Xi Jinping in the United States. They pretend it’s like FDR’s New Deal but the New Deal was trying to expand ownership and productivity, not constrict the populace and depress the standards of living.

The USA has been on the path toward corporate-government autocracy for years — since the 1990s or even before. It’s notable in finance, technology, and media. A tenth of the US economy is comprised of industries with only four firms dominating more than two-thirds of the market.

The news is controlled by six companies.

In finance,  local banks are disappearing. From 1983 to 2018, the number of banks fell from 11,000 to almost 4,000. Remember when Obama passed rules to kill off small banks while claiming he was doing the opposite?

Technology and social media is even more concerning. It’s an oligarchy only meant to help a handful of investors and top executives. The people are under the jackboot of Big Tech.

COV Accelerated the Process

“Today, a handful of giant corporations account for nearly 40 percent of the value of the Standard and Poor Index, a level of concentration unprecedented in modern history. The leftist blog The Bellows notes that last year Amazon tripled its profits and Jeff Bezos made $70 billion while billionaires had earned over $1 trillion since March. Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft now make up 20 percent of the stock market’s total worth. Overall, in 2020, the top seven tech firms added $3.4 trillion in value.”

And they love it. These corporations now look for ways to take over key markets and make more money.

Progressives Embrace Corporatism

These recent trends mark a significant break in the American tradition of individualist, competitive capitalism. America’s companies were once dominated by small family-owned and regional companies. That’s not true any longer.

Progressives once wanted corporate power limited. Now they embrace bigness and power.

Monopolistic power and bailouts allow corporations to operate with virtual impunity. Instead of a competitive economy, we see Aldous Huxley’s “scientific caste system,” where the highly credentialed and technologically dominant have almost total reign.

“Tech oligarchs, notes the French socialist economist Thomas Piketty, see themselves not merely as business people but as exemplars whose success serves to “destroy artificial inequalities” while “highlighting natural inequalities.” The new aristocracy regards itself as intrinsically more deserving of their wealth and power than the old managerial elites or the grubby corporate speculators. They believe that they are not just creating value but building a better world. These are not just the rich and well-placed but also the elect.”

Neo-Democratic Party

“The current Democratic Party may represent the apotheosis of the new corporate state. It raises record sums from the corporate elite—notably, the tech oligarchs and their Wall Street allies.

“Among financial firms, communications companies, and lawyers, Biden outraised Trump by five to one or more. Equally important, the tech giants actively helped direct Biden’s presidential campaign, providing digital savvy, with Mark Zuckerberg himself financing election day operations in many critical states.

“Time magazine’s approving exposé of the corporate elites’ scheme to unseat President Trump noted that an “informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans” had succeeded in influencing election results through both cash donations to Democrats and manipulation of media for political ends.”

“The oligarchs often couched their support in progressive and even patriotic rhetoric that also served their economic interests.”

They turned back real progressives like Sanders and Warren.

The massive lobbying operation backs them up. They have even “found allies among some right-wing libertarians, including the Cato Institute and the Heritage Foundation, which doggedly justify censorship and oligopoly on private property grounds.[46] Little attention is paid to this growing concentration of market power.”

“The Biden-led Democratic Party promises a fresh springtime for oligarchs. The prominence of corporate lobbyists in the new administration all but assures that Biden, like Barack Obama, will wink and nod as Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google acquire or crush competitors, and function increasingly beyond constitutional limits of censorship to control and limit political debate.”

Biden’s regime encapsulates China-like harmony. This explains a lot of why the Biden regime is moving ahead and how.

Excerpted from Joel Kotkin Analysis at Claremont Institute with Added Commentary.

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Nothing New Under The Sun
Nothing New Under The Sun
2 years ago

The third way as WWII was really about saving communism to one day install it here.
Look for the Gates of Hell to open, they already have, and the body count to be historic.
These things happen when a species is too stupid to learn from history.

Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
2 years ago

On the national scale, Hitlerian fascism is the model: corporations retain their nominal private-enterprise character but government-assigned managers oversee all decisions and operations. On the international scale, “turf” agreements will be made to limit competition so that the big players can be assured of monopoly market spaces and profits. All the signs are already visible.