Australia’s Seizing Bank Accounts, Property, Businesses for Unpaid COV Fines


Australia’s State Penalty and Enforcement Register (SPER)  is confiscating or planning to confiscate bank accounts, property, businesses if COVID fines aren’t paid despite the fact that they wouldn’t let most of these people work to earn a living.

The State of Queensland, Australia didn’t allow most people to work during the lockdown, but if they violated any of the tyrannical rules, they received a fine or some type of citation. While some did receive subsidies, the people suffered greatly and were impoverished.

When they were outside their home, beyond the small allowable limit, or spent too long outside, they were ticketed. If they didn’t wear a mask outside while alone, they got a ticket. People who were quarantined involuntarily were forced to pay for their incarceration.

There were police checkpoints throughout the region.

There were QR codes on their phones and the government required the people to respond in fifteen minutes with their location or the police showed up at their doors. The police used that to give out fines and citations.

Contact tracing has gone on for two years.

Many of the citizens have fines in the thousands of dollars they can’t pay because they haven’t worked.

Their licenses have been suspended, bank accounts frozen or seized, property confiscated, and business licenses suspended.

It’s the modern-day version of a debtor’s prison. They are free but they can’t make the money needed to pay the fines. It’s an insane, illogical tyranny by stupid and heartless politicians with way too much power.

Queensland is collecting millions of dollars from people who are suffering.

“SPER was undertaking “active enforcement” on another 18.4 per cent of fines, worth about $1 million, which a spokesman said, “may include garnishing bank accounts or wages, registering charges over property, or suspending driver licences”.  The remaining 25.2 per cent of fines were either under investigation or still open to payment without further action being taken.

Outside SPER’s work, Queensland Health took the unusual step of calling in private debt collectors to chase up $5.7 million amounting from 2045 significantly overdue invoices for hotel quarantine.

The tyranny is mind-blowing.

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
8 months ago

Another example of what happens when fools sacrifice their liberty (gun ownership) for safety (freedom from crime). They now have neither and the worst criminals they face is their own government.

8 months ago
Reply to  Tim Kuehl

I live in Queensland and this is literally the biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard all year. Get your facts straight. What a joke….

8 months ago
Reply to  Jo

I live in QLD too, but how do you know it’s BS? Have you not paid a fine or quarantine to find out?

Proceed Ever More Boldly
Proceed Ever More Boldly
8 months ago

*——————————————Coming soon to Chiquitastan

Coming soon to Chiquitastan (former USA) courtesy of a fifth column of globalist owned useless idiots masquerading as a government.