Scary Vax Alerts Today to Prepare us for Biden’s ‘Stark Warning’


Fauci says COVID-19 omicron variant is “just raging around the world.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading infectious disease bureaucrat, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that “the real problem” for the U.S. hospital system is that “we have so many people in this country who are eligible to be vaccinated who have not yet been vaccinated.”

Hopefully, he’s not moving to lockdowns.

Biden plans to go beyond his winter plan and unveil new steps in response to the manufactured hysteria.

As Lara Logan wrote on Twitter, “Considering COVID is treatable & has similar death rates to flu, none of these measures match the clinical picture. They know this better than us so is this meant to incite? Are they that desperate for civil war/chaos to justify a crackdown? Pathetic.”

Personally, I think they are preparing fo the 2022 election and lots of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

White House spokesperson Jen Psaki went to the podium today to terrorize Americans as the very mild Omicron variant makes its way around the globe. On Tuesday, the half-witted President Brandon will give the unvaccinated people a “stark warning” along with new orders of some kind.

He will set out “what the winter will look like” for those who “choose to remain unvaccinated,” Psaki said.

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