Elites Push for the Peasants to Trade in Their Turkeys for Bugs


Due to the skyrocketing cost of food this holiday season and for The Great Reset, from Brazil to China to European countries to the US, households will pay near-record prices for food. The elites think the peasants might want to abandon traditional foods for bugs. Bloomberg has yet another story about the elites wanting us to eat bugs to save the planet. Oh, yum.

They, the elites of the World Economic Forum under Soviet-like Klaus Schwab, want the peasants to eat bugs. It might even be racist to not switch to bugs.

“You might be able to trade down on some things; instead of the high-priced turkeys or steaks, you might consider something less expensive on that side of the dinner table,” Curt Covington, senior director of institutional credit at AgAmerica Lending, which lends money to farmers, told Bloomberg.

“But there’s no escaping it: Everything on the holiday table “is just going to be more expensive,” Covington said. 

There is a grand World Economic Forum solution.

European member states certified house crickets, yellow mealworms, and grasshoppers as food fit to be sold at supermarkets. 

The bugs will be sold in frozen, dried, and powdered forms and will be packed with nutrients and low-cost, according to Bloomberg.

Earlier this month, the World Economic Forum published two articles explaining how people must get used to eating bugs. Those who can no longer afford meat, such as ham or turkey, and other traditional holiday foods will come to find a new substitute. Bloomberg provided examples from across the world in Brazil, China, and Turkey of how food inflation crushes holiday cheer. They want everyone in the US to live the same way as the entire Third World.

It’s not a conspiracy theory

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7 months ago

A new law goes into effect on Jan 1 in Maine that says all eggs in Maine must come from chickens that have a minimum of 1.5 square feet of space. Since this is effectively a ban on eggs maybe the idiot voters in Maine can learn to eat bugs.

Billy Back
Billy Back
7 months ago

You know. They are cutting down some themselves. They drink blood and eat the parts of babies they sacrifice in their satanic rituals.

Dano S.
Dano S.
7 months ago

Are the insects free range, or are they raised in cruel factory farm conditions? Do the insects enjoy eating their natural diet, or are they force fed an unnatural diet? Do the insects enjoy a quality of life where they are not separated from their mothers at a young age and are they free to play and socialize before they are sacrificed to feed humans? Insects have rights too. Sarcasm of course, but apparently, insects have more rights and freedoms than we humans do lately. The WEF and rest of the elites view us as something lower than insects.

7 months ago

Here’s the great part about living on a farm or a ranch in rural America. You just add a few Turkeys to the livestock for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers who live in the Big Blue Cities eat bugs after they have to eat their dogs, cats, and the rats.

Traitor Joe is screwing the Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers far more then he is screwing God Fearing Rural American Redneck Patriots. Merry Christmas! We can say that here.