Scholar explains why many Americans see US as a 3rd world country


The polls were wrong, dramatically so, and there will not be a 360 electoral college vote in favor of Joe Biden as Democrats predicted, and there are numerous anomalies, scholar Victor Davis Hanson explains to an Australian interviewer on the clip below.

To describe some of the anomalies, he asked, why is Nevada’s vote still going on while next door Utah isn’t? Why did Michigan go on so long, but Ohio was settled election night, Wisconsin took two days to count the votes, but their neighbor Iowa decided election night, Georgia is still counting but not Alabama?

Americans are angry because Trump was in the lead or dead even on election night in the blue states now under contention.  All the ballots making the difference, lowering Trump’s win, are from blue cities where turnouts were up to 93% in some cases. That has never happened before.

In the days leading up to the election, all states under contention extended the laws that are only supposed to be drawn up or changed by legislators. They used COVID as an excuse to change the laws. For instance, they extended the number of days people could get their ballots in, or they said it doesn’t have to be postmarked and signatures don’t have to match.

All of those ballots that went beyond the law would overturn the election. SCOTUS won’t want to do that.

Many believe that every type of fraud in voting was used.


Reuters, ABC, Monmouth, all of them, were all wrong, and VDH explains how that affected the election. On Election Night, the networks called Arizona at 1% but refused to call Texas and Florida that obviously went to Trump. The false narrative went out before the voting ended in the West, making people feel there was no sense in voting. It suppressed the Trump vote.

Now, Trump supporters feel they live in a 3rd World country.

Mr. Hanson also describes the pollsters as products of the elite classes and how they have manipulated Americans.

Pollsters are agents of the media, and they suppress the vote. That and the media saying every day that Hunter did nothing wrong, and Joe never made a dime off of China, suppressed the support for the President. Then they made it clear that if you say it, we will censor it.

Another problem as he sees it is the Trump people became complacent and weren’t prepared. The Biden people, on the other hand, decided to suppress the vote and then present a false narrative that Biden has won, expecting the Trump people to give up eventually.

VDH also noted that people in hundreds of thousands of cases only voted for Biden but no one else on the ticket. Another anomaly! There is much more.


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