School AP Solicits Funds to Pay a Cartel


The shocking email below is from an assistant principal (AP) in a high school soliciting funds from teachers, asking them to pay a cartel for trafficking a child. It’s mind-boggling how the educator could also claim coyotes are “a group that helps people.”

It’s bad enough that our administration supports cartels, but we can’t have a high school assistant principal in Rhode Island wants teachers and other staff to fund illegal activities. The Principal turned around and canceled it as inappropriate.

The AP was likely worried about the child’s welfare, but we can’t ask people to support illegal immigration and fund cartels.

It’s not only inappropriate. It’s illegal.

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1 year ago

When we Treat Cartel and Gang Members like Vermin, Wanted Dead or Alive, we will start to deal with the Illegal Alien, Drug, and Human Trafficking problem in America. The Military should be on the Border Droning Cartel Encampments and daring the Mexican Government to complain about it!