School Staff Brag About Teaching CRT and 1619- Violating the Law


An investigation of CRT in Iowa schools by Accuracy in Media is deeply concerning, but what is even worse is that these teachers say they are just getting started. The plan is to go further Marxist. They don’t care about the law at all.

The clip below gives a good summary using clips of interviews with teachers.

Deceitful teachers throughout the nation are not following anti-CRT laws. Instead, they are just changing the name and teaching the same racist Marxist curriculum throughout the day.

They are teaching social justice, white privilege, and systemic racism. None of it is true, but that doesn’t matter. They also say they see it as a way to overturn capitalism.

It’s Whack-a-Mole where we go after these Marxist principles and they simply change the name. They bragged that the law banning CRT instruction doesn’t have any teeth in it and there is no consequence mechanism. They can easily continue teaching this hateful anti-American curriculum.

They’re also teaching the fake 1619 history.

These teachers claim they are teaching anti-racism, but they are teaching racism against white people who had nothing to do with the horrendous things done to black people in the past.

The solution would be to let the funding go with the student so they can get out of these corrupt schools.


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