“Dangerous” Elon Musk Has $46.5bn for Twitter


As Elon Musk makes his next move to take over Twitter, the Left is labeling him as “dangerous,” and a “threat to democracy.” However, it isn’t stopping him from buying Twitter. Twitter’s spokesperson said they have an offer in hand from Elon Musk to buy the platform.

Elon Musk has secured commitments for $46.5bn (£35.5bn) that would allow him to bypass Twitter’s (TWTR) board. He can make a tender offer, that is, go directly to the social media company’s shareholders with his takeover bid, Yahoo reports.

Musk said he would personally provide $21bn of equity for the deal with another $12.5bn coming from margin loans, according to paperwork filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday.

Banks, including Morgan Stanley, have agreed to provide another $13bn in debt secured against Twitter itself, according to the filing.

Musk is serious. He’s going for it. He also said if he succeeds, he’ll defeat the spambots.

According to Yahoo, Musk has not yet determined if he will make a tender offer for Twitter or whether he will take other steps to further the proposal, the filing states.

Musk Is “Dangerous…Like One Person in Charge of Nukes”

Jimmy Kimmel calls Elon Musk controlling Twitter “dangerous,” like “one person in charge of nuclear weapons.” Actually, that’s how it’s been. It will be a lot less dangerous with Elon in charge. He believes in freedom.

Bezos’s Opinion section for WaPo says he’s a threat to democracy. Believing in free speech is a threat to democracy?


Twitter is in bed with the hard left. A case in point- is the latest information about the de-platforming of Project Veritas.

Media Matters, a vile Soros-funded operation, often attacks and defames Project Veritas’ journalism.

Today, Project Veritas exposed Media Matters’ Deputy Director of External Affairs, Brennan Suen, who admitted to our journalist that Media Matters played a role in getting Project Veritas banned on Twitter.

“They’re blocked- thanks to the work we’ve been doing.”

If Musk takes over, it’s unlikely this kind of thing will continue. Watch the clip:


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