Schools are teaching racism to 8-year-olds


Christopher Rufo has been on top of Critical Race Theory, one of the most dangerous theories ever to hit the United States. It’s being taught in businesses, government agencies, and schools. In one school, the teacher was teaching eight-year-olds racism against whites, Christians, heterosexuals, and so on.

To 8-year-olds!

It was pure cultural revolution material that you might see in Maoist China. You can read through the tweets below.

Whites hold more power because there are more of us. It is as simple as that. However, this theory claims minorities allegedly don’t hold power due to racism. If you’re white, you’re depicted as an oppressor, and if you are a minority, you’re oppressed. The children had to rank themselves according to their privilege.

That’s absurd, but it’s how they are brainwashing little children who should just be learning basics and enjoying life.

They ask the children to look at identities that hold power and privilege so they can rank themselves. The identities are white, middle class, cisgender, educated, able-bodied, Christian, English speaker, Cisgender male, U.S. citizen.

This is outrageous, but you see where they are going with this. It’s evil, and it’s the opposite of what our UNITED States stands for.

Asian-American parents were able to shut this down at this school. It’s not the only school that is teaching it, however. Read more here.


This is a clip of an interview with Mr. Rufo in September:

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