Jacob Blake gives his side of the story for a puff interview on ABC


Jacob Blake gave his side of the story after the police were called to the scene of an argument with a neighbor to ‘Nightline’s’ Michael Strahan. It was a puff interview.

Police had a warrant for his arrest. Blake allegedly regularly beat the mother of his children and allegedly raped her. He tried to kidnap them the day he was shot seven times. He was armed and had drugs in his system at the time.

Michael Strahan didn’t bother to challenge his story.

One remarkable point is he was armed. For months, the media lied to us and insisted he was unarmed. MSNBC is still claiming he was unarmed even though he admits he was armed.

The officer said Blake drove the knife towards him.

Unfortunately, Mr. Blake is paralyzed and that is a shame.



His race-hustling lawyer Ben Crumb told Michael Strahan, “if you’re a black person in America and not perfect, then they say, ‘oh, it was justified,’ it’s like our children have to be angels.”

What does trying to kidnap your kids while stoned and armed have to do with “perfect?” Why does fighting with officers and refusing to drop a weapon have anything to do with being an “angel?” It’s pablum for the haters, nothing more.

Many of Blake’s assertions conflict with official reports about the shooting. Blake said he was taking his children to the store to get them away from a fight between their mother and a neighbor.

However, the mother of Blake’s children called 911 claiming that Blake took her car keys without permission. The responding police officers were also told that Blake had a felony warrant for domestic abuse and sexual assault, according to Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley.

As for the seven bullets, we can’t say, but it’s very easy to let off seven bullets in a couple of seconds.

The 911 call begins at 29:15:

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