Schools Plan to Lie & Cheat to ‘Help’ Minorities


The Left is destroying school standards with the big lie and with cheating

Every minority child gets a trophy

I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating.

~ Sophocles

Several California school districts are dropping D and F grades as if that will somehow improve the quality of students’ work. Perhaps they think it will make them feel better about themselves and serve as encouragement. Whatever the reasons, as an educator for 33 years, I can safely say it won’t work.

This is how it works. You learn the material, do your homework, contribute in class, and you get a grade denoting that effort. If you don’t, you get a poor grade and you should feel bad about that. That should be the impetus to encourage a student who isn’t working. As for students who can’t, they should get extra help.

The lowering of grades is aimed at minorities. Instead of giving them the proper assistance and the correct messages, they’re going to lie about their achievements.

They’re lying and cheating – the teachers and administrations, I mean.

California is giving students incompletes and eventually, they get a grade, but it won’t be a D or an F, no matter how much they earned it.

Los Angeles Unified, Oakland Unified, Sacramento City Unified, San Diego Unified are among the districts doing this.

Ed Source says the goals are to cause students to “re-engage” in school and to boost their chances of acceptance into the state’s public colleges. It is also designed to “especially” help “Black, Latino, and low-income students,” according to the same source.

Wow, really? Shocker.

It will get them into schools where they will continue to expect to get decent grades or at least Cs while earning Ds and Fs.

As George W. Bush said, it’s the  soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Minority children can succeed as well as white children and should be held to high standards. These California do-gooders are racists who think they can’t.

The current grading system is viewed as subjective and white, but it’s not. It’s a logical standard to succeed in this world. All the new system does is lie and prevent people from knowing how the student is actually doing – including the student.

What the Left really wants is a subjective, easily manipulated system. The current system is objective.

Incompletes aren’t legitimate either unless there is some personal circumstance involved. The pace of learning is increasing for all of us each day.

If the grading system isn’t working for some – teach better. I worked with very handicapped, minority children and they constantly surprise you. Teach!

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1 year ago

This sort of downward slide started when the brits began awarding knighthood and OBE to musicians. What’s the worth of a diploma when everybody gets one for showing up at the graduation ceremony?

Fortified Democracy With Hash Tags
Fortified Democracy With Hash Tags
1 year ago

@ TK,

I like it and it is the logical conclusion for the participation trophy uber alles generation!
Heather has two mommies but only one is hot. (sarc)
Simple is best.

1 year ago

”They’re lying and cheating – the teachers and administrations, I mean.”

They’re setting a bad example. It teaches the students that they can lie and cheat their way through life, but it doesn’t teach them that there will be consequences.

1 year ago

The Godless Communist Democrat Liberal Losers are racist. They have always wanted to keep minorities especially Blacks dumb. Democrat Leaders see Black and Brown people as inferior. It is true that overall the Black population has a lower IQ than White and Asian Populations, but that doesn’t mean that Black People can’t be educated. It means that they learn slower and need to be educated differently. That is why integration is so hideous. It was disguised as a means to help Blacks, but was a one size fits none approach to schooling that has left much of the Black Community in America behind. This is why we need the whole school system in America transformed into a voucher system so parents can send their children to schools best suited for their children’s needs instead of State run “factory” schools based on the assembly line concept creating Social Justice Warriors instead of the Technical Workforce we need.

Ain't Got No Edumacations
Ain't Got No Edumacations
1 year ago

But muh participation trophy? Are Heather’s two mommies not whitey crackas?
I can count to potato and Twerking 101 is the next class after rap lyrics hour but it isn’t as fun with the obedience muzzle on.
Education is a construct of the white male capitalist patriarchy, comrade.