Schumer-$32 Million for Safe Ice Cream-$0 for Border Wall Security


New Yorkers are conditioned to Senator Schumer’s Sunday press conferences.  Come that particular day of worship, he’s virtually certain to find media eager to record and report on whatever he’s selling, no matter how big or small.

This past Sunday, Chucky was pitching the need to keep ice cream safe for all Americans.  As per the Schumer formula, he was calling for more federal spending.  Specifically, the senator wants $32 million poured into the Food and Drug Administration to check for possible Listeria in production plants making that tasty, frozen treat.  The breakdown would be $16 million for new technology and $16 million for more inspectors.  

If you are having trouble recalling incidents of U.S., ice cream related, Listeria linked fatalities, you’d be in very good company.  With all due respect to those who did lose their lives we were only able to find,  “An outbreak of listeriosis linked to an ice cream maker in 2015….involved three deaths.”  

Meanwhile, in the 4 years since those three souls were laid to rest, hundreds of thousands of Americans have died from drug overdoses.  It is an unprecedented epidemic being fueled by the flow of illegal drugs across our porous Southern Border; a boundary Schumer and his fellow Democrats seem determined not to protect.  

To further the irony, consider that as Schumer is bleating about having $16 million worth of new inspectors scrutinizing your favorite dessert, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are streaming into our nation without anywhere near that kind of health-related review. 

Recall, also, that it was Chuck and Nancy Pelosi who vowed they’d not vote a single dollar earmarked for the construction of any barriers between the United States and Mexico.  And, they lead a party comprised of other “notables” calling for the destruction of existing walls, abolishing ICE, and supporting sanctuary cities.

The politically tone-deaf senator summed up his concerns with this simpleminded take on a childlike quote:  “The expression goes, I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  But if it has Listeria we’re not screaming for ice cream, we’re screaming at ice cream.”  

No Senator Schumer.  After this Sunday’s presser, we’re yelling at a guy who’s so ridiculously, out of touch with our nation’s overall security priorities he’s schilling for $32 million for safe ice cream after stiffing border wall funding.  Chucky, we’re screaming at you!  



  1. The man is a buffoon. I think up-Chuck should ban all ice cream sales immediately. It is obvious that ice cream is ore dangerous than the opioid epidemic, gangs, human trafficking and influx of thousands upon thousands of illegal people into America.

  2. His behavior makes perfect sense. It’s about total control.

    No border security = massive numbers of uneducated people who will jump on the “free stuff” bandwagon and vote Democrat as fast as they get the offer. Goodbye all political opposition.

    Ice Cream and Listeria = a brilliant ploy. On the one hand, he is shaking down the dairy industry with the threat of more Government inspection, regulation and ultimately, expense. NY is a big dairy state, so these folks, who won’t normally vote Democrat, will have to get in line and pay to play. On the other hand, his Beta male/Neurotic female city dwelling supporters will be conned into believing that without him protecting their food supply, they will all die at the hands of Ice Cream producers “capitalist greed.”

    This guy is the absolute worst.

  3. So, out of all the extremely relevant and important subjects to legislate, the Mr. Cone-Headed Dunce relegates his ‘wisdom’ to this one ‘issue’ with that kind of price-tag attached.

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