Border Invasion Grows! President Trump Plans to Go It Alone


There are a lot of men coming into the country, not simply families, and many are criminals, possibly terrorists.

President Donald Trump is attempting a new approach to the massive invasion. He’s turning his attention to asylum laws. On Monday evening, he proposed sweeping changes to how the US treats asylum-seekers, including charging fees to file asylum applications and limiting access to work permits.

President Trump plans to go it alone. Congress is unwilling to help.

In a memo to the attorney general and homeland security secretary, Trump ordered them to develop policies to settle asylum applications within 180 days of filing; require a fee for asylum applications and work permit applications; and bar migrants who have entered or attempted to enter the U.S. illegally from receiving work authorization before any relief or protection is granted.

The memo gives the Justice and Homeland Security departments 90 days to develop the proposals, but it is unclear how long it would take before any of the rules take effect. Any changes to asylum procedures are also certain to be challenged in federal court, where many of the administration’s immigration rules have been blocked.

Meanwhile, god-knows-who is pouring into the country.


Our southern border is controlled by Mexican drug cartels and the Mexican government. Yet the Pentagon is sending only an additional 320 troops to the border. Why?

In one day alone, on April 16th, 5,000 crossed the border.

Watch one moment in time. It’s only one moment:

Massive caravans are heading for the U.S. and that’s become a regular routine with the equivalent of a caravan a week coming into the U.S.

Acting Director for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Matthew Albence revealed in nearly 3,000 documented cases, children have been brought across the border with adults posing as a family unit to avoid detainment. “These children are being victimized,” Matthew Albence said, Fox News reports.


The Mexican government admits members of the violent gang MS-13 are among migrant caravans headed towards the United States.

Enrique Cárdenas del Avellano, the Ministry of Interior’s northeastern regional delegate, said that authorities have deported some MS-13 gang members they detected in migrant caravans, Mexican media outlets La Prensa, El Mañana and La Verdad de Tamaulipas reported over the weekend.

Currently, there is no enforcement of the border, even of violent criminals.  Our border patrol is babysitting and taking care of sick illegal aliens.

It was very predictable that Central America would empty out and come to America.

The NAFBPO supports the President’s latest actions. Democrats are resisting, along with the media.

“Seeking asylum is a right under U.S. and international law — not a privilege to pay for,” said Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona. Grijalva is a communist.


Zack Taylor, Chairman, the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) responded to the crisis at the border, saying this has been ignored far too long.

He explained that the credible claim hearing could take place the same day as the apprehension with immigration judges at the border. If the claim is denied, they could be put on a military flight home within 24 hours.

The illegal aliens could be back home 3-5 days.  Mr. Taylor believes this is a political stunt and he says, “There is no reason military personnel cannot act against an invasion at our external border. Posse Comitatus does not apply to external invasion.”

There is a “right to defend borders against external invasion.” It “is exclusive to the President and one of the main purposes of our military.”

He says they are not entitled to due process, only an immigration hearing.

Mr. Taylor suggests we follow the money.

“We need to follow the money on this charade.  Who is HHS paying and how much to refugee resettlement types for transporting and resettling these invited invaders,” he wrote in an email.

He concludes, “This is a boondoggle of epic proportions perpetrated on the American Citizenry that amounts to an unofficial official amnesty.”


As we have reported here, the United Nations, foreign powers and far-left groups in the United States are behind this massive invasion.

Our politicians are failing us.

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