Schumer Continues Attempts to Extort Money from Federal Taxpayers for NY-NJ Tunnel


Ronald Batory, a widely respected former railroad executive with over four decades of experience in the industry, was approved unanimously for the FRA (top railroad agency) post by members of the Senate Commerce Committee in early August, but Chuck Schumer keeps blocking him, Free Beacon reports.

The reason is not because there are any questions about Mr. Batory, but because Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is using his position to extort money from the federal taxpayer for the NY-NJ Gateway tunnel project. The liberals in both states want everyone in the country to pay for it while they waste their own taxpayers’ money.

There is no shame in him blatantly extorting money which seems to be illegal for everyone except politicians.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell allows this because he thinks he’s being righteous and following the rules. Meanwhile, when the Democrats are back in, they won’t give a hoot about the rules and will simply appoint whoever they want.

Even after the fatal train derailment and the obvious need for a good leader, this clown Schumer refuses to let up on his extortion plot. In fact, he has doubled down.

Senator Thune said he was “deeply frustrated” that a “non-controversial, highly qualified nominee has been languishing in the Senate for over four months due to objections by a handful of Democrats over a parochial issue entirely unrelated to the qualifications,” free beacon reports.

We have known about this extortion plot since at least November.  Reuters wrote:

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said on Monday he opposed Kan because of administration roadblocks to the project. “Time is running out and we must quickly build new tunnels,” Schumer said.

A Senate Democratic aide confirmed, separately, that Democrats were holding up some nominations “because they want assurances from the Transportation Department the Gateway Project will quickly move forward after it’s funded.”

Schumer similarly attempted to block other DOT nominees over his demands for federal funding for the costly Gateway Tunnel Project, but Republicans have slowly managed to push some through.

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