Schumer, Pelosi Are “Shaken”, Slam Trump Over Mattis’ Resignation — Poll


The overreaction and hyperbole over the departure of James Mattis are ridiculous. He is not the only great general. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are very concerned about his resignation letter which makes clear that he disagrees with the President on his decisions to pull out of Syria and the drawdown in Afghanistan.

Mattis was going to leave in January anyway.

The President wants to send the remaining 2,000 soldiers home from Syria and break the tradition of endless war in the Middle East. It is probably not a catastrophe since U.S. soldiers are stationed 6,000 miles away. The 7,000 man drawdown in Afghanistan was likely a serious concern for Mattis.


Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi won’t let anything the President does go without condemnation.

The two Dems are “shaken” after Secretary Mattis expressed his views which are different from the President’s views.

Pelosi was asked by a reporter why she was “shaken”.

“I’m shaken by the news because of the patriot that Secretary Mattis is. I think everybody in the country should read his letter of resignation,” she told reporters at a press conference scheduled to discuss a looming government shutdown.

“I am shaken by the resignation of General Mattis. For what it means to our country, for the message it sends to our troops, and for the indication of what his view is of the commander-in-chief.”

The Mattis resignation letter is insulting to the President. There was no word of praise, just a list of his concerns about the withdrawals, alliances with NATO and partners, concerns about insurgents, and how that affects our safety at home. It leaves our partners weakened, but the Afghan war has been going on for 17 years.

The Afghan people can go to war for a country to which they have little allegiance, or they can grow poppy and make money. It’s tough getting Afghans to commit.

Host Brian Kilmeade on Fox & Friends was angry Friday and said we are abandoning the Kurds who are our strong allies and three weeks away from annihilation. He added, “and now we’ll never get another ally in the region.”

Kilmeade says this is Rand Paul’s foreign policy, Paul’s and Bernie Sanders. He stated Paul, who couldn’t get 1 percent of the vote for President, is our secretary of defense. Kilmeade said we are “letting [ISIS] take root again.”

Pete Hegseth said we would never win in Syria or Afghanistan; nothing has helped. Whatever happens, as a result, will be on the President, he added.

Gen. Jack Keane said he isn’t concerned at all about the general resigning. General Mattis is not the only one who can lead the President’s powerful defense team. However, he also said about the withdrawal on Thursday, “Clearly, we’re repeating the Obama mistake of premature withdrawal, which got us ISIS,” Keane. He made the comment on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom”.


MATTIS WAS GOING TO LEAVE ANYWAY, IN JANUARY. The Secretary decided to leave after his recommendation of Dave Goldfine to replace General Dunford was rejected. Trump picked the Secretary of the Army, Milley instead. Mattis saw that as a rebuke.

No one is irreplaceable. The President pulling soldiers out of the Middle East is what he promised to do, people shouldn’t be shocked.

Sen. Schumer also slammed President Trump in the same presser over this move and the wall, claiming he is “plunging the country into chaos,” and “throwing a temper tantrum” over the government spending bill.

“Trump’s temper tantrum may get him a government shutdown, but it will not get him a wall,” Schumer said.

That’s Schumer’s latest talking point — the President has temper tantrums. It’s a cheap attack. If anyone is having tantrums, it’s Schumer.

Pelosi said Mattis stood as a safeguard against what Democrats see as Trump’s impulsive leadership style.

Calm down, Nancy and Chuck! Another terrific candidate will be nominated soon. As for pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan, the President will bear the consequences for good or bad. It’s been 17 years in Afghanistan.


This article was edited after publication to include comments from Brian Kilmeade and Peter Hegseth on Fox & Friends and to add the poll.

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