Schumer says Biden will forgive everyone’s first $50K in student debt


Chuck Schumer is reporting that Biden can cancel the first $50,000 in student debt via executive order. He plans to do exactly that in the first 100 days. This will change so many lives, according to Democrats.

It certainly will buy votes.

Everyone who paid off costly student loans should demand a rebate. Shouldn’t people pay their own way and not expect everyone else to pay for them and their mistakes?

As we mentioned, Biden will open the borders, renew DACA, and grant amnesty to millions while offering them social security and free healthcare. There are reports that foreigners are flying to Mexico, preparing to enter the United States.

Climate change hysteria will also return.

It’s amazing how they think a country with $30 trillion in debt can also pay for any illegal immigrant who comes in, and an extensive climate change plan that will do nothing for the earth’s temperature but will bankrupt businesses.

Get used to rolling blackouts.

Alex Thompson is a reporter for Politico, and he listed the immediate changes Biden or his handlers plan to make.

But don’t worry. Biden will unite us — as long as we agree with everything they say and demand. They want unity without any negotiation or compromise.



  1. Let’s see. These juvenile numbnutz take out student loans, a contract with the United States government, to be used for education to improve their lives. They squander the money on socialist dreams, leave college to protest that the United States government is evil and should be destroyed, and demand that the same government simply nullify the contract they signed to repay the loan. Sound about right?
    Then this idiot says that HE is going to forgive the first $50K, breaking so many laws that it ain’t funny. He has no authority to void contracts with the government. He has no authority to levy against unallocated funds of the government. But, hey, Trump’s a “dictator” right?

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