Schumer Sneaks Critical Race Theory Into the Defense Bill


A few U.S. House conservatives read the overly-long National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). That was fortunate because they caught Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) add-ons. He covertly slipped slews of Critical Race Theory (CRT) provisions into what is a weak plan to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) actions against the U.S., into the defense bill.

A memo put together by the conservatives was sent to members listing the provisions, Breitbart News revealed.

  • The bill spends millions to force the National Science Foundation to hire a Chief Diversity Officer
  • $5 billion is spent on “establishing a strategic plan for diverse participation” in STEM fields
  • Forces the National Science Corps to establish a pilot program for things like “advancing equity”

Those are just a few. There are dozens of them.

“The China bill filled with CRT is like cocaine laced with fentanyl,” a senior House Republican aide told Breitbart News. “Together, they’re a deadly combination. Now, Schumer is trying to inject this mix into our annual defense bill and poison us all.”

“No one serious about confronting China would write a bill laced with CRT,” the senior aide added.

The House already passed the NDAA without any of those provisions. Schumer has repeatedly delayed this necessary legislation. Perhaps he was busy looking for ways to sneak this garbage into it without it being noticed.


The Senate did manage to pass a big government bill called the United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA)—previously named the Endless Frontier Act. The bill purports to counter Chinese aggression in academia, research, business, and technological advancement fields. In fact, it just spends a lot of money on special interests progressive Democrats have.

Thirty-two Republican Senators voted for it.

A progressive writes that it is progressive policy:

“The bill authorizes the most extensive investment in U.S. innovation infrastructure in a generation, building technology hubs in disadvantaged areas, increasing federal funding for both fundamental and applied research, increasing STEM scholarships, and modernizing U.S. technology policymaking. The bill introduces measures to combat systemic sexism in the scientific community and targets minority-serving institutions (MSIs) for additional grants, scholarships and support. The bill also makes strides in recognizing and funding climate change mitigation measures, including clean energy development and conservation mechanisms. Most notably, it expands the definition of STEM to include energy and environmental studies, which will refocus a range of federal policies on these fields. The bill also prioritizes clean technologies for inclusion in the regional technology hub program.”

It addresses “systemic racism?”

The only systemic racism is against whites and it’s coming primarily from the Democratic Party. It’s a form of reparations. Democrats want to punish whites for something we didn’t do – Democrats were responsible for slavery and Jim Crow.


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Nero Plays A Solo
Nero Plays A Solo
2 years ago

Counter Chinese aggression?
Bwahaha! That horse has left the barn.
We are led by some of the most clueless feckless worthless mental midgets in the history of humanity.

No Country For White People
No Country For White People
2 years ago

Comrade kommissar Garland and others stand to make a truckload of the capitalist pig filthy lucre off of Caucasian Replacement Theory.
Chuckie will proceed with the today Georgia tomorrow the world plan by any means necessary.
Meanwhile the world is too busy laughing at the Chiquitastan abomination while they prepare for WAR.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

What more do they want? How much more can they ruin? They spent the last 40 years flooding technology fields with minorities and females. They hired people without technical degrees while laying off white males with technical degrees. I have watched this closely the entire 40 years. Great damage has been done to US technology. That is the same period that US technology has floundered.

Regarding building technology hubs in disadvantaged areas, or anywhere else, does not and will not work. The government cannot create technology industries, or decide how to fund them. It’s a laugh, all over the country local officials are trying to create technology hubs, and it never works. It is government which is destroying technology, with high tax rates and regulations.

My employer, who I fired recently, was just exposed with an anti-white racist official policy. How does it help to call a significant fraction of your top technical people racist?