Schumer: “unity, unity, unity, this is how you get it done” after $1.9T bill passes without 1 Republican


Chuck Schumer, who got the nearly 2 trillion dollar bailout/payoff socialist bill passed, said in his floor speech, “unity, unity, unity, this is how you get it done.” That was after it passed without one Republican vote.

This is what Democrats mean by unity. Every Democrat unifies to destroy the country.

Democrats have no interest in limiting spending. They don’t really care about unity or Americans. It’s about ideology. The federal government is way too large and wasteful, and control freak Dems love it.

Schumer is such a liar — this is what he means by bipartisanship:



  1. The Jackass is an appropriate symbol for the Democrat Party. The amount of Damage to the Country they will do before 2022 is scary. That bill was nothing but bailouts for failed Democrat Cities and States. The transfer of wealth now taking place is Historic.

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