Tom Cotton on how the stimulus will give $1400 to prisoners like the Boston Bomber


The $1.9 trillion bill will send stimulus checks to criminals currently in prison. Criminals are, after all, part of the Democrat voter base. Democrats are very generous with our money. Criminals didn’t lose any money during the pandemic and deserve nothing.

Illegal aliens are getting our money too. Only 10% goes for COV and much of it isn’t for this year.

As Tom Cotton writes, Dylan Roof, who murdered nine innocent people in a church, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Bomber, will get taxpayer money.

The Soros or other leftist trolls are out on Twitter trying to convince people it’s a great idea. They are influencers who go onto Twitter to sway public opinion.

Take this person who has 14 friends:

Or this person with 163 followers:

Or this guy with 40 followers:



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