Schwab’s WEF to ‘Deeply Affect Our Energy and Supply Chains’ This Year


Klaus Schwab said America is his biggest problem because so much of our population doesn’t buy into the climate hoax, says independent journalist Jordan Schachtel.

The believers in this new world order are creating crises to keep us fearful and ready to accept salvation from these extremist authoritarians. The climate “crisis” is part of their pot stirring as is the Ukraine war.


According to Schwab, The World Economic Forum (WEF), creators of The Great Reset and Build Back Better, say our global energy systems, and supply chains will be deeply affected at the 2022 World Government Summit. The WEF members believe in global top-down governance and that’s what they are planning for us — this year. It is well underway.

That should terrify Americans, but how many people even know what is going on? Our corrupt media keeps us in the dark and pretends what is really happening is a conspiracy theory.

Klaus Schwab, a movie-style villain, says the world must be quickly and fundamentally transformed and these techno-globalists will make it happen. A handful of global rulers plan to tell the world what to do.


The Great Narrative by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Milleret is the guide, the call to action.

“We adopt the view that, as they recover from the pandemic and embark on a path to radical and accelerated change, our societies and economies should be … attuned to the needs of our global commons.”

Writing for The Covid World on Feb. 21, Jordan Schachtel noted: “The Great Narrative is an attempted reminder to keep us on edge. It is a grand call to take sweeping ‘climate emergency’ action via Klaus Schwab’s credentialed elite. It relentlessly hammers home the apparent necessity of taking dramatic tyrannical action to intervene in the climate. And by intervening in the climate, he means radically reorienting every nation on earth by imposing a totalitarian global governance order.”

Schwab has nothing but disdain for anyone who disagrees with him. Schachtel says, the enemies are the nationalists, populists, individualists, and those who support free markets. He foresees a global feudalist world.

Read Schachtel’s incredibly accurate description of Schwab and The Great Reset here.

Schwab plans to change the world this year and believes that if he does it rapidly, no one will be able to stop him and his comrades in the WEF. This man is the new Nazi. Don’t underestimate him or the power he wields through his infiltration of government and his Brownshirt youths.

Think about how the Ukraine war helps him in his endeavor. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is backed by the Clinton’s, Biden’s, Klaus Schwab, and George Soros.

Their arrogance knows no bounds. The WEF think some humans will be upgraded with AI and others could be useless.

What do we need so many humans for, especially since so many are useless.

If you are Yuval Noah Harari, you thank God for the pandemic as it convinces people to accept total biometric surveillance.

Schwab and the WEF have infiltrated cabinets around the world.

This man is a leader and his speech is excellent:

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1 year ago

Do you not know Trump won? The money is the power and their tentacles are everywhere.

1 year ago

Klaus Schwab and his friends are literally dead men walking. People around the world have realized what they are up to. Governments will be investigation them, arresting them, trying them, and hanging them. Governments will have to because if they don’t their people will be coming for them just like Americans will be coming for the Congress in November. There will be investigations and people going to jail in 2023. Death (and Prison) trumps Bribery almost every time. When a Corrupt Politician’s life is on the line, he will turn on his puppet master, unless he is a true believer willing to be a martyr. I have found that there are very few true believers willing to be martyrs in the world.

Swipe Yo EBT It's Free
Swipe Yo EBT It's Free
1 year ago

O/T-EBT mania proceeds! Stores were back to well stocked and that is going fast.
Things such as bottled water, breakfast pastries, commie cereal, that were restored to full shelves are about gone.
The second hand clothing store has everything 50% off and found some killer hiking boots for 25$, don’t mind if I do!
Saw Mad Max walking along with dog in trench coat and Harley boots for the honk and morale fist pump in the air.

We're Not In Kansas Anymore
We're Not In Kansas Anymore
1 year ago

A tiny amount of Satanic anti-human globalists will destroy the world?
I guess humanity wasn’t all that.
Thank a drooling dullard dopey dopey democrat douche today.
The CPUSA passed the cannabis legal everywhere in the congress brothel but the senate will be busy at the chamber of commerce.
I have zero love and allegiance to Chiquitastan but then again neither do the foreigners and traitors in apparatchikgov.