Granholm Says They’re Using Ukraine’s War to Push ‘Clean’ Energy


Jennifer Granholm has no background or knowledge of the energy sector, but she is our Energy Secretary so she can destroy the fossil fuel sector.

On Thursday, she was on MSNBC’s “All In” with Chris Hayes. Granholm stated that many hoped “we would be focusing solely on clean energy solutions, renewable, making that transition,” but the war in Ukraine has thrown a wrench into that and said that “we have got to use this reason to become energy independent with clean energy.”

And they are doing that despite how profoundly illogical it is.

“…I think a lot of us came into this hoping that we would be focusing solely on clean energy solutions, renewable, making that transition, but we didn’t anticipate that Vladimir Putin would wage war on Ukraine and cause these markets to go out of control.

“And so, that’s why the president said this is a two-step solution. One is, let’s increase supply right now because we’re on a wartime footing. And we want to reduce people’s pain at the pump and safeguard them against this incredible volatility. But second, we have got to use this reason to become energy independent with clean energy. We don’t want to be relying upon fossil fuel markets that are incredibly volatile or from countries that don’t have our interests at heart. So, ultimately, the best solution is to go clean.”

We would like to know how that’s true. Also, it’s highly unlikely Biden could form that cogent a thought, illogical though it is. There is a Marxist cabal running this nation and they’re unaccountable.

Go to 4:15:

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Live Free Or Don't
Live Free Or Don't
1 year ago

“Americans used to be nations of brave. Now it’s a nation of cowards. [I]t’s not tyrants who create slaves. It’s slaves who create tyrants. And Americans became slavish. We do whatever we’re told to do. They give everything we’re asked to give. It’s Soviet Union.”

Tatiana Menaker, a refusenik who escaped from the Soviet Union.


For Victory
For Victory
1 year ago

You can almost see the Schwab strings.
Peak Clown is meant to demoralize.
Laugh at the hard times and soft weak worldlings.

1 year ago

The problem with Liberals is that they are incapable of learning. They are seeing the folly of their push to destroy fossil fuels right in front of them and have just convinced themselves they didn’t do it fast enough. It’s the same with their thinking about Communism, it hasn’t worked because there was enough Communism fast enough. Then there is the environmentalist, they have been telling me the world is going to end in 10 years for 50 years.

No matter how much a Liberal fails it’s never the ideology, it’s always they didn’t try hard enough. Just 15 months ago we weren’t dependent on hostile foreign countries for Energy. We were Energy Independent Our dependence is solely because of failed Liberal Ideology. The Holy Grail of Energy is Nuclear, and eventually Nuclear Fusion, but the Limited Liberal Mind thinks Nuclear is bad. We should be building 100 new Nuclear power plants a year and Geo-Thermal plants all over the Mountain and Western States. Liberals can’t rap their Limited Minds around the fact that Solar and Wind are unreliable sources of energy requiring very “dirty” manufacturing processes. The fact that other countries can pollute the hell out of the environment, but Europe and America can’t just proves these People aren’t really serious about the environment either.