SCOTUS orders PA to segregate late-arriving mail ballots


The Supreme Court on Friday ordered Pennsylvania election boards to segregate mail ballots that arrived after Election Day and count them separately from the state’s overall vote tally. That at least leaves open the possibility that the justices could exclude the late-arriving ballots in a subsequent ruling.

The order, signed by conservative Justice Samuel Alito, granted only part of what the Pennsylvania Republicans wanted. They also requested that SCOTUS order Pennsylvania to stop the counting of the late-arriving ballots.

“This preserves the status quo until any further order of the Court, after the possibility of a response,” said Ned Foley, a law professor at Ohio State University. “It’s also significant in that it does not stop the counting of the segregated votes, but rather requires them to be counted separately — which is a sensible way to prevent any possible commingling of ballots that could not be undone later.”



  1. GoFundMe shut down a fundraiser for Data Analysts to study voter fraud with the voter rolls. It seems all those SciFi films in a dystopian future controlled by Corporations are coming to pass. Or maybe they were just guidebooks for them. We need an Army of Max Headroom’s, one in each locale. Maybe Dozens in Silicon Valley.

  2. Why would they follow the order, they are already violating a court order? Surely Barr will not send in federal marshals to enforce it. He is on the other side. There are no observers in the segregation. An honest segregation is impossible. This is massive crime which required rapid intervention by the US DOJ.

  3. Pattern\statistic i.e. results in counted “Segregated Ballots” must be announced, Trump vs Biden.

    Accordingly to the results there is a case for Courts appeals for all “Segregated Ballots results” in different States to be announced and suspect if needed (I mean no canceling Votes) but MUST be cleared if they can be proved one more time; independently and personally).

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