Bad News! SCOTUS Poised to Reject President Trump’s DACA Petition


The Supreme Court of the United States appears poised to reject the Justice Department’s request to overturn a lower court order forcing the administration to continue Barack Obama’s DACA executive order.

It does not order processing of new DACA.

SCOTUS’s Friday afternoon orders list DID NOT include the action on the petition.

It is not hard to figure out where the problems lie. In addition to SCOTUS’ far-left judges who legislate from the bench, Anthony Kennedy and John Roberts cannot be trusted to follow the Constitution.

Scheduling requires quick action on cases they intend to hear prior to the summer recess. The longer the court waits to put this on the docket, the less likely it is that it will be heard.

This is a signal that they will let the lower court ruling stand despite the fact that it is unconstitutional.


The government had appealed directly to the Supreme Court, ignoring the biased, leftist Ninth Circuit.

Obviously, if the Supreme Court doesn’t take up the case, the Ninth Circuit decision would have been far worse.

Solicitor General Noel Francisco, the government’s Supreme Court lawyer, argued the case required the tribunal’s urgent attention, as Alsup’s decision “requires the government to sanction indefinitely an ongoing violation of federal law being committed by nearly 700,000 aliens.”


  1. The thing is that the executive branch of government, POTUS, has complete jurisdiction over immigration enforcement. The courts are an abomination! POTUS could have, and should have, never re-signed the DACA E.O. in the first place. Meaning, every president has to go thru ALL previous presidents E.O.’s, immediately, and sign them to keep them in place. POTUS didnt have to do anything and DACA would have been over. To me, he caved on this issue. He is not stupid enough, in my opinion, to be so clumsy and bumbling as he appears now with DACA. Its time we wake up to reality. We GAVE him a chance, and it is just more of the same. Are we going to continue this tradition of self imposed stupidity forever?!

  2. POTUS Trump lef the DACA decision to Congress that is ultimately responsible for deciding citizenship. Not S. Court or Left-ruling federal judges. BTW Chief Justice J Roberts can hardly be described in the same category as Anthony Kennedy who definitely is an unbalanced Leftist

    • I agree Roberts isn’t in the same barrel as Kennedy, but Robert’s Obamacare decision was unconstitutional and bizarre in my opinion. I don’t trust him either.

      • I still think they had something on Roberts, which is why he voted that way. Now looking at all the corruption that was and still is going on since the obama administration, sure can’t rule out that he was blackmailed!

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