SCOTUS sides with churches and synagogues in CO and NJ, rejecting Draconian COV policies


The Supreme Court ruled on the side of churches and synagogues in both Colorado and New Jersey today, rejecting Draconian and arbitrary coronavirus policies that severely restricted how many could worship, NBC News reported.


In the Colorado case, the court ruled 6-3 to send the lawsuit, brought by the High Plains Harvest Church, back to the lower courts, where the church had lost. The high court said the lower court judges should review the case in light of its ruling in a similar case involving New York last month.

Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan dissented, saying the case was moot because Colorado had already lifted all the limits.

In May, the 150-seat church filed suit, arguing Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ order capping attendance to 50 people was too restrictive. Lower court judges had refused to sign off on an order that would have made the church exempt from those restrictions.


In a second ruling Tuesday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling limiting New Jersey’s Covid-19 restrictions that apply to religious settings. They granted an injunction sought by two religious institutions — a church in North Caldwell and a synagogue in Lakewood.

The church and synagogue asked for an injunction allowing them “to host indoor, in-person religious worship for their respective congregations on the same terms and conditions allowed for comparable secular activities; that is, either the 100% of capacity afforded ‘essential’ non-retail businesses or, alternatively, the 50% of capacity allowed for ‘essential’ retail businesses, with the same health and safety protocols and exemptions applicable to comparable secular activities.”

It’s in time for Christmas. The rulers won’t like that limitation on their power and control.

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