SEAL who killed Osama said Taliban is torturing and beheading allies


The former Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden, Rob O’Neill, claimed Thursday that the Taliban are hunting down the Afghans who worked for the United States. According to his report on Fox News Primetime with Rachel Campos-Duffy, Taliban psychos are torturing their families “before they cut their heads off.”

“They’re going house to house,” O’Neill said “And if they find you worked for the Americans as a translator or even a driver or a secretary, you’re lucky if they just kill you. What they’re generally doing right now, even though we are not seeing it because we are only seeing what they let us see, is they’re torturing families in front of them before they cut their heads off,” the veteran claimed.

“It’s a horrible thing. Barbaric stuff going on,” O’Neill said, noting that U.S. Special Forces are highly motivated to go into Afghanistan to rescue American citizens and Afghan allies but are being “hamstrung …. by rules of engagement.”

If true, keep in mind that these are the people our generals told us are “professional and business-like.” General MacKenzie even thanked them. Without hearing these horror stories, the idea of a US general thanking these monsters is sickening.

In another article we will put up shortly, Lara Logan also details the horrors of beheading little boys and the brother of the President in the Panjshir Valley, the former vice president of Afghanistan.

No one will ever help us again, and can you blame them?


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