Biden Regime accused of giving highly advanced systems to Taliban


Afghan and US sources tell Lara Logan that the Biden regime is giving the Taliban highly advanced Air Force, security, and laser systems that are in Uzbekistan.

She also alleges that they intentionally stranded Americans in Afghanistan so they could use them as an excuse for transferring billions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” to the Taliban.

This wouldn’t surprise too many people and could well be accurate. This is the team that left $83 billion in weaponry, planes, and vehicles Biden left behind. The excuse that it was left for the Afghan army — they knew would flee without air support — doesn’t hold up. The Taliban with the help of the Chinese communists on the ground can easily reverse engineer every piece of equipment to learn all of our secrets.

This is the team that negotiated with the Haqqani Network and called them “professional” and “businesslike.” Is it a stretch to think they would also bargain to give them more of our secrets? Who will hold them accountable?

The Biden administration is also very anxious to give them economic aid, which is highly suspect.

Additionally, this is the bizarre team that worries about the Taliban’s inclusivity in governance as they behead innocent people. They are capable of anything.


We have a common purpose with the vicious Haqqani Network?

This is a clip from Stinchfield in which he talks about the US government preventing evacuations by private rescue teams.

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