Sean Hannity Might Be Targeted by Media And Deep State


We now have a new front in the war on the right and it’s aimed at TV host Sean Hannity. He is a staunch supporter of the President and an enemy of the Deep State.

Sean Hannity has been under fire from the hard-left smear merchants such as Media Matters for some time. They are in turn tied to Hillary Clinton. That smear machine appears to have widened.

Recently, Hannity’s name was released during the recent Michael Cohen hearing. This was contrary to legal requirements and practice. Following that, his name was dragged through the mud with lies.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said he is being targeted by the Deep State because Hannity is “an effective messenger against the swamp”.

Hannity’s Real Estate Holdings Are Suddenly Under Scrutiny

New information out today might support Fitton’s observations.

Recently, the team of Mueller and Rosenstein turned over information to the New York FBI office who then raided the home, office and hotel room of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Included in the documents – they took everything – were communications with Sean Hannity. Cohen told the court Hannity was his client.

Hannity said he never hired Cohen but had a few conversations with him about his real estate dealings.

All of a sudden today, we have stories in the LA Times, the Guardian, and other unfriendly outlets about Hannity’s tens of millions of dollars in real estate holdings. They include formerly foreclosed properties and luxury properties. He kept them hidden behind shell corporations. And we say, so what?

Hannity apparently bought foreclosed properties through a guy named Jeff Brock who pleaded guilty in 2016 to fraud and conspiracy concerning purchases of foreclosed homes. Some of the houses Hannity bought were allegedly victims in the alleged fraud case, therefore, the Guardian suggests Hannity is guilty. The Guardian is going for guilt by association.

Hannity said he had no part in selecting the homes he bought through Brock. That makes sense with this large a portfolio.

We would like to know why his real estate investments are suddenly in the public eye? Did this leak out of the Cohen documents? The media is trying to say Hannity’s relationship with Cohen is more extensive than he has revealed but they present no evidence. They are literally making that up.

This is all to get Trump.

We elected a President so why is Deep State raiding the President’s lawyer’s home, terrorizing him? Why is the DoJ refusing to turn over documents? Why is Mueller’s team leaking daily and why are they comprised of Democrats, some who are Hillary activists?

If Mueller can’t control the leaks, he must recuse himself. This is nuts!





  1. Of course they are going to target Hannity, nobody has been more effective or further ahead of the curve with this entire deep state sponsored coup d’etat reporting. He has been relentless.
    Soon, very soon the dominoes are going to begin falling and so Democrats, the left, the RINO Republican betrayers are getting desperate.
    But Hannity is no O’Reilly. He will not fold like a cheap suit.
    But as with EVERY false flag claim which has turned against them, they best be careful. There were BILLIONS in bank penalties meant for victims of predatory loans which never made it to those victims.
    Instead, Obama via his DOJ STOLE those fund and funneled those billions to radical left wing organizations all HAND PICKED by Obama.

    • Hannity has broken some stories, including the FISA abuse in March 2017. He will not fold. He, and some of his guests, such as Sara Carter, are much maligned by the “conservative” RINO sources, such as CTH, as crude opportunists. These are some of the RINOs you refer to. CTH still claimed in January 2018 that there were no FISA warrants. They still maintain the DOJ is doing fine, that it is not yet the right time to act!

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