Sean Penn Discusses His War Propaganda Film with Jim Acosta


Sean Penn appeared on CNN to discuss the Ukraine war and his new film about the war. The host, Jim Acosta, asked if he was concerned about Donald Trump getting back into the White House or if any Republican gets into the White House.

Penn avoided the topic of Donald Trump and concentrated on promoting increased US involvement in the Ukraine War.

Activist Jim Acosta, who made a career out of bashing Trump, said, “There are others who have, that, Ramaswamy has talked about this, pulling back on US support for Ukraine. Your response to that?”

Penn has decided the Ukraine war is a moral war.

“Well, there’s an opportunity here, not only a moral opportunity, but I think a political opportunity, more [unintelligible]…”

Acosta interjected mentioning Vivek Ramaswamy, who Acosta said we should let Russia just keep the land he’s taken so far.

Penn said, “I don’t find him very interesting because he’s just like a high school student who’s impressive ‘cause he got an A in something he’ll never apply in life. I would say that whichever party, and I think that in the blood of these parties, in the actual belief, when paying attention to it, either party now can have a very big political win because I think there’s a lot of like-mindedness [Uniparty] when the focus of the context of what this war means to the United States is presented.

“It’s not being presented very well in terms of the context, and people are getting a little bit tired hearing about the randomness of, ‘Oh well, they’re winning another battle’ or ‘we don’t have to worry about it because they’re winning.’

“You know, it’s not going to go like that too long, and we got to remember that that, yeah, Ukrainians won this war in a sense; they’ve already won it in many ways.”

Acosta pressed. “But do you worry about what happens to Ukraine if Trump gets back into the White House?

Penn replied, “Simply put, I worry about what happens to Ukraine if the American people don’t learn to talk to each other.”

Penn’s film – SuperPower – is pro-war propaganda if you go by the trailer. It’s too bad he doesn’t make a film about the invasion at the US border. He said in an interview with Chris Cuomo that he doesn’t want us to be a “slave” to anyone but seems unaware of all the Russians and Chinese and so many others pouring into the country.

Never once does Sean Penn seem concerned about WWIII with nuclear powers. In fact, he says we cannot be afraid.


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