Sean Penn: It’s Time To Send Unvaxxed Citizens to Jail


Sean Penn, the son of a communist, is giving out medical advice. He thinks it’s criminal not to engage in a culture of common sense. If someone chooses not to get vaccinated, they should stay home, not go to work, and remain completely isolated. In fact, they should go to jail. Unfortunately, people listen to these elitist know-nothing snobs.

Penn campaigned for Hugo Chavez in Pennsylvania and slobbered over El Chapoo to get an interview. He loves the hard-left policies.

Civil Rights attorney Aaron Siri said, “Mandates are the tool of bullies, criminals and dictators. If a patient refuses a medical product after being conveyed its benefits and risks, then that is called informed consent. They were informed and did not consent. Mandating over this objection is immoral and illiberal.”

Here’s a response to Sean Penn.

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