Seattle ask Gov for at least $100 million state fund for illegal immigrants


The far-far-left Seattle City Council asked the state to set up a $100 million fund for illegal aliens over coronavirus. Washington State, in turn, wants billions from the federal taxpayers for the virus.

The Council of Commies passed a resolution Monday asking Gov. Jay Inslee and Washington state lawmakers to help undocumented immigrants who have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

The measure urges Inslee and the Legislature to create a “Washington Worker Relief Fund,” with an initial allocation of at least $100 million, “to provide emergency economic assistance to undocumented Washingtonians.” The vote was 9-0, and Mayor Jenny Durkan will add her signature.

They also want a wage replacement system for workers who don’t qualify for regular unemployment benefits to be paid for by everyone else.

A number of illegal aliens showed up at the Council meeting and said they can’t pay their bills.

Neither can most other people. Maybe they should go home, wherever that may be instead of trying to live off federal and state taxpayers. This ruse that they pay taxes and should get the benefits is absurd for a lot of reasons, but the facts show the majority are on some form of welfare.

Shouldn’t they take care of their homeless first?

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Democrats are Communists
Democrats are Communists
2 years ago

nothing worse than virtue signaling Leftoids who just want to embezzle taxes

Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
Deplorable Kulak Untermenschen
3 years ago

Comrade Billy Gates has plenty of that filthy capitalist pig lucre so why don’t they get it from him for the good of the collective.
If they hate Trump so much then why go asking him for money?
Forward! Yes we can.

3 years ago

It is ALL based on ‘feelings’. Yes, we all ‘feel’ bad about anyone who can’t pay their rent. But they are law-breakers. Illegals. IF the government REALLY cared about doing what is right, they would have already been sent them back – and VIOLA – problem with them not paying their rent is non-existant. THEN they wouldn’t have these ‘sorry’ feelings.

If the WA government REALLY cared for their OWN people, there would be much less homelessness and tent-cities under the freeways……

3 years ago

Cant find a job here ? Go home to your country .