Seattle Cleans Out the BLM Garden from Hell Over Drugs, Rats…


So far this year, Seattle’s Unified Care Team has cleaned up encampments at Cal Anderson Park 76 times. It just shut down the Black Lives Matter Memorial Garden over drugs, homelessness, and rodents.

The Garden from Hell

Fox News reported that the Seattle, Washington Parks and Recreation Department, and the city police removed the health hazard known as the Black Lives Matter Garden.

Black Lives Matter is a fraud, and everything they did was a fraud. Many of the members, maybe half of them, are white leftists, and George Soros funded it to the tune of at least $33 million.

Officials said that the makeshift garden had become a serious health and safety concern. No one was taking care of it. They also removed tent encampments near the garden and outside the park.

The park is unusable for the community. It’s become a hunting ground for the worst sluggards of their society.

Chop/Chaz Crazyland

The Post Millennial report said it was the site of the chop/chaz zone where two black teenagers were killed.

They occupied land they didn’t own, mistreated it, and now they’re gone – but they’ll be back.

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Ramet in Dallas
Ramet in Dallas
1 month ago

All those ‘special areas dedicated to:’ and streets painted with BLM and whatnot is just pandering. Those in power haven’t had a sincere thought or action since they entered politics. It’s them gauging public reaction for their own political gain.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Couldn’t make a sulk purse!