Seattle Mayor & Council Members Homes Targeted by “Protesters”


Here’s yet another example of the anarchist mob turning on those who try to appease them.  Seattle Mayor, Jenny Durkan, a vocal supporter and reinforcer of the rioters torturing her city has had the tables turned on her. Jen along with city Council Members Alex Pedersen and Debora Juarez saw their homes “visited” by “protesters” who support defunding the police department, Fox News reports.

At the home of Juarez, protesters used a bullhorn and spray-painted “corporate bootlicker” on the street. While Pedersen and Juarez’s support slashing the police budget, they do not support a 50 percent reduction being pushed by some groups.  Windows at Pedersen’s home read “F— You” and “Don’t be racist trash.”

But the real bile was reserved for the hapless mayor.  Messages written on a street at her home read “Guillotine Jenny” and “Resign Bi—,” according to The Seattle Times.

This “movement” is beginning to take on characteristics of the French Revolution (see Robespierre), which literally destroyed itself.  Ms. Durkan better hope that the vile guillotine threat was figurative and not literal because calling the police…….

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