Seattle Police Chief’s Home Gets “Visited” By “Protesters”


In yet another incident where a public official from a deep blue community gets a taste of the “protesters” bad medicine, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best is urging elected leaders to “stand up for what is right”, after a group of protesters showed up outside her Snohomish County home.

In a Monday letter to the nine-member City Council, Best said her home was targeted Sunday night by “aggressive” protesters, prompting concerns from her neighbors. The crowd wasn’t able to trespass or engage in illegal behavior, Best said, despite their attempts to do so.

I wonder whatever stopped them.  Hmm.

Chief Best stated, “These direct actions against elected officials, and especially civil servants like myself, are out of line with and go against every democratic principle that guides our nation. Before this devolves into the new way of doing business by mob rule here in Seattle, and across the nation, elected officials like you must forcefully call for the end of these tactics.”

Notice there’s no mention of how these “tactics”, have for months, been used against regular old citizens and their businesses.  Nope.  But gotta make sure those “serving in government” remain free from discomfort don’t you know.

Spoiler alert Carmen!  Seattle’s dangerous, radical political “leadership” has already sanctioned and encouraged mob rule in the notorious, deadly CHOP zone.  And some of that anarchy has spread across the nation, with just a tiny bit of it arriving at your front door.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

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