Seattle ‘protesters’ try to bully network exposing them & get arrested


The Seattle protesters (rioters) are never held accountable. The violent ‘protesters’ who pretend they give a hoot about people like George Floyd burn, smash, bully, and harass without any accountability. If they are arrested, they are almost immediately released.

They call themselves Black Lives Matter and Antifa while they act like typical gangland shakedown artists.

This entire scene of so-called unrest is completely manufactured by Democrats, now in the hard-left’s control.

Watch them in Trader Joe’s:

A new study found that half of the protesters arrested in Seattle are white, and two-thirds are from other cities, with some coming from as far as Alaska, Texas, or even Woodinville.

Recently, a reporter for Kings5 exposed the arrest records for about 100 of the rioters.

“@K5Investigators poured over nearly 100 arrest records from the Seattle protests. Who are the people that are allegedly looting, setting fires, and turning violent?” Ingalls’ tweet read.

Even though arrest records are public records, extremists on social media were outraged, demanding the story be taken down and the tweet be deleted. Apparently, criminals believe they should not be held responsible for their behavior.

Most people responding on the thread were grateful, which is reassuring to some degree. Although it would be better if they demanded the police be allowed to do their job.

Some didn’t like that and had a temper tantrum, getting themselves arrested again. They’re very nasty people, who don’t have their masks over their faces as they scream at the police:



  1. In two weeks, the Democrats + BLM + ANTIFA are going to make a full-media offensive. They will claim that all of the riots, looting and violence were executed by white supremacists. Blocking Kings5 is a side operation, but an important one: to extinguish all information about the BLM + ANTIFA perpetrators. So Mollie – Keep this news going.

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