China Joe says he’ll ‘collaborate’ with Communist China


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden vowed as president to cooperate with the Communist Chinese government in key policy areas “when it’s in [the U.S.’s] interest.” He said he plans on “collaborating” with Maoist China.

In an op-ed for the North American-published Chinese Communist Party newspaper World Journal, Biden said the COVID-19 pandemic is “proof that the United States can’t isolate itself from the world.”

“We have to work with other nations to meet global challenges that impact us all,” he continued, “starting by rebuilding our relationships with our closest partners.”

Biden said his administration’s China policy would involve “focus[ing] on boosting American competitiveness, revitalizing our strengths at home, and renewing our alliances and leadership abroad.”

“We’ll work to collaborate with China when it’s in our interest,” he added, “including on public health and climate change.”

Instead of blaming China — the nation responsible for the virus –he attacked President Trump as a hater. Compromised China Joe is collaborating with the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chinese Communist Party banned its people from traveling within China but gave them the go-ahead to travel the world as the virus percolated. These are the people with whom Joe will ‘collaborate.’

He also blamed President Trump for the virus:

This year we also saw the worst situation in the United States, But we have also seen the worst: Asian Americans misunderstand the new crown virus and suffer hatred. To some extent, it is caused by the hate speech issued by President Trump. Asian Americans were blamed, scolded, and attacked; their homes, businesses, and cars were destroyed by insulting marks; young children were stabbed, and an 89-year-old grandma was burned in the escalating culture of hate. This should not be what we are. Asian Americans make our country stronger.

Trump didn’t understand, hurting the values ​​of the country of immigration President Trump doesn’t understand this. He took the lead in attacking our values ​​as a country of immigrants, even breaking up thousands of children and parents at our borders. Even before the arrival of this pandemic, our hate crimes had reached a new high in 16 years. Today, in order to transfer his failure to fight the epidemic and fail to protect our country, whether or not it has caused thousands of anti-Asian racial discrimination incidents, he still insists on calling the new coronavirus the “Chinese virus.”

He is going to defend the American dream by sending all our jobs to China, no doubt.

As president, I defend everyone’s American dream The wording is very important, and the president’s wording is even more important. As President, I will defend everyone’s American dream and let every hard-working family enjoy a fair opportunity to prosperity and a better future. I will oppose any form of racial discrimination and instruct the Department of Justice to prioritize hate crimes so as to heal the wounds of hatred and division, rather than incitement. Trump failed. He made our economy crash Donald Trump knew the lethality of the new crown virus as early as January this year but did not take any action.

Instead of blaming the guilty party — China — Biden accused President Trump of spreading hate for all Asians because he blamed China — appropriately — for the spread of the virus.

Biden is a terrible person.

China is the largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, annually putting out nearly double that of the next-largest emitter, the U.S. And, under the Paris Accord that he will immediately join, China doesn’t have to do a thing about it until 2030.

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