Seattle teacher instruction: Whites with ‘lizard brains’ and ‘spirit murder’ of black kids


City Journal contributing editor Christopher Rufo, a documentary filmmaker, writes in the New York Post about “whistleblower documents” he obtained from a “racially charged teacher-training session” in Seattle Public Schools.

The lessons focus on ‘white privilege’ and blame teachers for colonizing the Puget Sound region and America as a whole for stealing labor from enslaved blacks.

The lessons include instruction on so-called spirit murder.’ The concept was promoted by University of Georgia Prof. Bettina Love, who founded the Abolitionist Teaching Network this year.

“Spirit murder” is the practice of schools murdering “the souls of black children every day through systemic, institutionalized, anti-black, state-sanctioned violence.”

That’s not what is going on. The overwhelming number of teachers are caring and do everything they can for these children. It’s hard to fight the damage done in the homes.

This instruction makes victims out of the children instead of teaching them to stand up for themselves. It’s anti-inclusive hatemongering.

Anyone who resists is called racist simply because of their skin color and as a result of the white person’s “lizard-brain.”

Isn’t that lovely from the party of tolerance, civility, and love?

Seattle Public Schools is building on its prior work in deploying “racial-equity teams” to neighborhood schools, which simply impose “a specific ideological agenda and a new ­racial hierarchy,” according to Rufo.

Mr. Rufo posted the leaked documents on Twitter and we are republishing the tweets here lest you think I made this insane hatemongering up.

Maybe there is something in the water?

White Teachers Are Guilty of Spirit Murder

Stolen Labor

Gender Craziness

White Teachers Have “Lizard Brains”



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