Sec. Granholm on How to Save by Spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars


Jennifer Granholm, who has no background whatsoever for her position of Energy Secretary, wants you to spend $60,000 on an electric car, $80,000 on solar, and thousands on new windows and heat pumps to save money. If you spend exorbitant sums, you have a taxpayer-funded subsidized tax credit waiting for you.

Yeah, I can’t spend the money, Jen.

Granholm is concerned about angry Mother Nature, but apparently, giving Democrats more money in taxes will keep her calm.

This isn’t true. China makes the parts for windmills and solar panels. Democrats are making our energy sector dependent on China. And, solar and wind can’t replace fossil fuels.

In the first clip, Sec. Granholm says she’s happy about the [high] gas prices going lower thanks to the administration toolbox [emptying our emergency petroleum reserves]. In the next clip, she’s telling people to buy an electric vehicle for $60,000+ if the price of gas is too high. As you might have guessed, Jennifer Granholm is very rich.

In this clip from July, Granholm clarifies that she’s happy with the high gas prices.

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9 months ago

The Rich and Upper Middle-class are the only ones who will see these tax credits. You have to pay tax to take a tax credit.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
9 months ago

This is one stupid woman, she could get a job on The View and be a star, but of course, this whole administration is mentally challenged. She must be talking to the 750 billionaires that China Joe’s 87,000 IRS storm troopers are going to audit.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
9 months ago

“The mmost significant events in human history” “Mother Nature is mad!”
Arrogant, elitist, ignorant and yet holding immense power. The state of the USA.
Hmm, perhaps things like creation, the flood, the 1,000 year empire of Rome, not to mention a certain birth in Nazareth! Com’n Jen, give us your top 10!