Inflation Reduction Act Doesn’t Do a Thing for the Climate Either


The Schumer-Manchin Inflation Reduction Act isn’t passing muster as an inflation reducer since it doesn’t. A Penn Wharton analysis finds the 0.1% inflation reduction in five years will have no impact in 1928. It doesn’t reduce the deficit or help the GDP. Despite the claims, it will raise taxes on people who make under $400,000. So, Democrats now say the bill will reduce global warming [which has been negligible for 15 years]. It won’t do that either.

It will have virtually no effect on the climate at all.

At that rate, simple math (see Excel sheet below) suggests the amount of money required to achieve the much desired 1.5°C (2.7°F) reduction in temperature using the best case reduction of 0.028°F would be $38,571,428,571,428 or approximately 39 Trillion dollars. The worst-case temperature reduction of 0.0009°F would cost a staggering 1,200,000,000,000,000 dollars or ONE QUADRILLION TWO HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLARS, Watts Up With That reports .

The purpose of the fake inflation reduction bill isn’t to help the economy or the climate since it won’t. It’s to buy votes. Democrats are shamelessly spending hundreds of millions of dollars on climate welfare and other giveaways.

There’s no end to climate change spending. We also have a new study touted by Axios. The researchers are foretelling the weather in 2053. The study is based on computer generations derived from whatever they put into the computer. It claims they’ll be an “extreme heat belt” from Texas to Illinois, where the heat index could reach 125°F at least one day a year by 2053.

This is from the people who can’t give us an adequate weather report a few days down the road. It’s ridiculous, but it will undoubtedly be good for the narrative and more wasteful spending.

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7 months ago

Inflation is driven by out of control Government Spending. A Balanced Budge needs to be a Must for the 2023 Congress. As long as the Government spends money the Government does not have, and “Magically Borrows (Prints) Money” we will have Inflation.

I have listened to the Climate Change Wacko Cult for over 50 years and not one of their predictions for Armageddon has been remotely true. The Climate Change Hoax is just a scheme to transfer even more Wealth to the Already Filthy Rich. Look closely at the very Rich. Over half of them are rich because Government manipulates and Regulates the Free Market for their Benefit.

BUSINESS never pays taxes. Business just builds the cost of taxes into their sales and YOU pay the taxes. The rich don’t pay taxes because the rich bribe the Congress to give them Special Tax Cuts. Take the tax write off on Electric Vehicles. You have to first owe the Government at least $7500 to get that rebate on your taxes which is in reality Taxpayers giving the Rich a 10% or more rebate on buying a car. If the Government was really Serious About Helping The Middle-class, you could take a portion of the rebate every year until you expensed the $7500 out or the Government would be paying $7500 out right off the sticker price. Imagine the Fraud in that?

Better yet! GM is in a Partnership in China building the $5000 SAIC-GM-Wuling Hongguang Mini EV which is a very practical City Car. Why doesn’t the Government allow importing, or better yet building, this car here and allowing the Middle-class a Cash Government Check of up to $7500 to pay for it? If it was available, I’d buy a Hongguang Mini EV as sold in China in a heartbeat; without a tax rebate. Not importing the car or pushing GM to build it in America for under $7500 just shows that the Government really isn’t serious about a move to practical Electrical Vehicles.

The Government is again manipulating the Free Market to build ridiculous vehicles to replace Very Practical Gasoline and Diesel vehicles when what is needed is the smaller far more practical City Car. The Big Car Industry doesn’t like small practical vehicles because there isn’t much of a profit margin in them. The EV Market is driven by well paid K-Street Lobbyist who are paid to maximize the Profits of Business by Regulation. We need to get Government completely out of the Free Market and reduce they regulatory powers to almost ZERO!

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 months ago

The climate models are of course all nonsense, as proven by the projections the past 20 years. But it is funny to see the 0.0009 F change predicted for us to starve, bankrupt and freeze ourselves into the 17th century. The motive is clearly population reduction and concentration of power. There is no scientific basis for it, or economic basis. The basis is elitist tyranny. If people allow it, then we go extinct. There have been mass suicides of birds in several locations on Earth for many years. Man can do it too.

7 months ago

what it does do is makes several of biden/pelosi/schumers buddys/doners richer. follow the money.

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
7 months ago

The glaringly obvious fact is that the known longtime swindler and grifter Joe Biden has engaged this “energy-saving energy efficient” fraud so that the wealthy including himself and vile crackden-dwelling family, are the only people who can afford EVs, solar panels, floppy nonsensical wind turbines, etc. Add that the chronic loser and compulsive liar Joe Biden’s ‘INFLATION INCREASE ACT’ is altogether bogus since his grasping governmental conspirators HAVE NO INTENTIONS of issuing any laughable “rebates” for any of this mega-pricey stuff designed for the wealthy. Add the fact that any “tax credit” must be equalized by business entities to recoup profits, which means they must raise prices on their stuff. It’s like the “free shipping” online companies offer, which isn’t free at all. The “free” shipping price is bult into the often high price of the item itself, givign illusions of a “bargain”. Don’t believe anything the dark-web toilet of democrats say and do. The dem party is built on lies, murders, violence, and deception past and present.

Last edited 7 months ago by Harrison Pendleton
Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
7 months ago

When flawed human beings think they are so smart they can explain not only how the earth works and all the ways the entire solar system impacts the earth including the weather, even with their super computers, there ae bound to be some hilarious errors. As all programmers know: “Garbage in means garbage out.”
These are the same types as those who are destroying the economy, gave us the whole Wuhan virus mess, and keep changing their theories of the origin of humans so they do not have to acknowledge a higher power before whom the would be held accountable.
Of course if they would simply acknowledge the God who reveals Himself in the Bible and quite wasting money on their inane theories, we could easily fee the world. And as a bonus they would find true peace in Jesus the Christ.
Might help the whole country if there was a sincere back to church movement.
In the meantime like the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah we can just watch the nation fall apart, until China or another power, like Assyria and Babylon of old conquer and destroy.
Too much religion? Would you expect anything else from a life long Christian of 78 years.