Sec. Granholm Responds When Asked About Soaring Energy Bills


Atlanta News First interviewed Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and asked her what she would say to people frustrated with their soaring energy bills.

Granholm responded, “You’re seeing the impacts, really, of climate change on people’s heating bills not just in Georgia but around the country.”

This woman can’t even think. If it’s about global warming, heating bills should go down.

They blame everything on Climate Change, and almost none of it is related to climate change. All of our problems are the result of Democrat policies. They are attacking the bones of our energy sector, so it fails. They want to electrify everything, making us wholly reliant on Maoist China.

Biden and his comrades have drained our emergency Petroleum reserves to about 43% of what they were after Donald Trump filled them up with cheap petrol. He sold it abroad at our expense.

In September 2019, Joe Biden promised, “We’re going to end fossil fuel.” Under Joe Biden, electricity prices have skyrocketed by 28.4 percent.

That’s what happened.

Granholm is a Marxist helping to destroy the country.

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