Iran Warns Biden to “Step Aside” as They Attack Israel


Israel struck a target in Syria and killed IRGC generals. Iran has vowed revenge and promised imminent retribution.

Iran told the weak Biden administration to step aside as they prepare an attack or invasion of Israel. It should come as no surprise as the cowards in the Oval Office throw Israel under the bus at every opportunity, thinking that is somehow the correct response.

Hezbollah has warned the Jewish State it is prepared for war.

Ayatollah Khamenei

In a written message to Washington, Iran “warned the US not to get dragged into Netanyahu’s trap,” Mohammad Jamshidi, the Iranian president’s deputy chief of staff for political affairs, wrote on X, referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The US should “step aside so that you don’t get hit.”

“In response, the US asked Iran not to hit American targets,” Jamshidi said.

That is not only weak, it’s cowardly and, in the end, it sets us up too.

Bloomberg reports that “The administration of President Joe Biden did take the unusual step of communicating directly to Iran that the US was unaware Monday’s strike in Damascus would happen. That suggested the US was trying to prevent its own forces and bases in the Middle East from being attacked.”

The Bidenistas abandoned an ally. How they think this helps the US, we can’t even guess.

Biden is responsible for this mayhem. He has allowed billions to go to Iran and publicly betrayed Israel to get votes in Michigan.

Israel is fighting for its very existence.

Biden is scum, and I rarely use a word like that. Even if you hate Israel, Biden is dangerous and has made us very weak.

This is more than Joe Biden would ever do:

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