Sec. Mayorkas Touts How They Don’t Oversee and Stop Illegals Voting


Alejandro Mayorkas admitted there are no mechanisms in place to prevent illegal immigrants from potentially registering and voting in U.S. elections. It’s not his job. His job is to protect the border. In other words, he does nothing. While it’s technically a state issue, shouldn’t he be concerned about this?

Mayorkas was a Board member on the board of an NGO that works with an NGO accused of telling illegal aliens to vote for Joe Biden when they come in.

The impeachment articles of Secretary Mayorkas were walked over to the Senate today. We’ll see what Schumer will do with them, likely nothing.

During the hearing, Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene blasted DHS Secretary Mayorkas over the bombshell finding of flyers allegedly put up by NGOs and paid for by US taxpayers. The flyers tell illegal aliens to vote for Biden in our election.

Mayorkas is remarkably arrogant and isn’t a bit concerned about Republicans.

Muckraker found the flyers telling illegal aliens to vote.

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