Second Bar Investigation Launched Against Gloria Allred for Misconduct


A second bar investigation has been initiated against media-legal harlot Gloria Allred for allegations of misconduct.

Dan Abrams of LawNewz says the latest probe, in Washington, D.C., appears to center around her handling of a local television weatherman’s discrimination case.

Allred is already facing an investigation by the State Bar of California for alleged legal malpractice surrounding the same case.

TV personality Kyle Hunter hired Allred to sue CBS for discriminating against him to hire younger female meteorologists.

At the same time, without his knowledge, Allred was working with CBS to produce a legal drama based on her life.

Hunter claims it’s a conflict of interest.

“Gloria Allred severely injured me and my family and refuses accountability. I am very pleased that The State Bar of California and the Washington D.C. Bar are taking their investigations into Ms. Allred very seriously. I applaud their professionalism and duty to the public’s protection,” Hunter told in a statement.

The investigation in D.C. has been going on since May.

Allred said in a statement that “We represented Mr. Hunter vigorously and with devotion and with the  utmost integrity.  We advanced his case through all the courts in California, including two attempts to have his case heard in the California Supreme Court.  He has no valid claim against our law firm or its partners and we will pay him nothing for his worthless claims.”

However, Allred’s firm did not interview witnesses or provide affidavits. His friends who were willing to be witnesses were not even contacted.

Hunter lost to CBS and had to pay $800,000 in attorney’s fees and court costs.

“Allred sandbagged her client to serve her personal pecuniary interests, her penchant for public fame, and to protect the malfeasance of her media allies. Allred needs to spend less time in front of a TV camera, and more time in an ethics library,” the court paperwork reads. The June lawsuit was filed by Robert Barnes, a California based attorney, who also contributes legal opinion pieces to


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