Secret Service Met with Jail Officials; FL Gag Order Rejected


According to CBS News, the Secret Service met with New York jail officials to discuss preparations for former President Donald Trump potentially being taken into custody and placed behind bars. This action is part of standard protocol to ensure the safety and security of a former president.

Trump is entitled to Secret Service protection for life.

Democrats previously suggested taking his Secret Service protection away.

It’s ironic since Judge Merchan blasted Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche. He asked the jury not to send Donald Trump to prison.

CBS News:

What exactly would happen if the jury finds Trump guilty is difficult to predict. Trump is being tried in New York state court, where judges have broad authority to determine when sentences are handed down after convictions and what exactly they will be, according to former Manhattan prosecutor Duncan Levin. That differs from federal court, where there’s typically a waiting period between a conviction and sentencing.

“It’s much more informally done in state court. I’ve had cases where the jury comes back and says, ‘guilty,’ and the judge thanks the jury, and excuses them, and says, ‘Let’s sentence the defendant right now,” said Levin. “Obviously, everything’s a little different about this case than the typical case.”

Each of the 34 felony falsification of business records charges that Trump is facing carries a sentence of up to four years in prison and a $5,000 fine. He has pleaded not guilty.


Levin said the option of confining Trump to his home, followed by a period on probation, might be appealing to Merchan… Such an option would allow Trump to do interviews and access social media from his home.

Vivek Ramaswamy explains how Alvin Bragg hobbled a felony out of supposed misdemeanors in this clip.


In some good news, Federal Judge Aileen Cannon denied Special Counsel Jack Smith’s request for a gag order.  The decision was made after prosecutors failed to confer with Trump’s legal team before filing.

The judge criticized the prosecution for not adhering to basic court rules. She warned of potential sanctions for future violations. This ruling allows Trump to continue publicly discussing the case without restrictions.

Judge Cannon said there was no substance to the prosecutors’ request.

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