Secretary Mayorkas Said Everything Is Going According to Plan


Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz announced on Twitter Friday nearly 10,000 arrests daily. He said the Border Patrol recorded 67,759 apprehensions over the last seven days. That works out to 9,680 people each day.

The end of Title 42 emergency expulsion power is expected to drive the numbers up even higher, with Chief Ortiz’s deputy telling reporters a judge they could quickly hit 14,000 arrests daily.

“This is a challenge, and we are going to meet this challenge,” Mayorkas told reporters at a White House press briefing. “We’re going to meet it within a broken immigration system while adhering to our values.”

It’s broken because the administration won’t follow any immigration laws.

As The Washington Times reported, according to his boss, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has said things are going according to his plans, though he said it would take some time before the effects are seen.

“We prepared for this moment for almost two years and our plan will deliver results. It will take time for those results to be fully realized, and it is essential that we all take this into account,” said Mayorkas.

“We began planning in 2021 for the end of Title 42.”

His Plan Is to Keep Lying

He also said the borders aren’t open, and people have to come through lawful entry points. The truth is the border is open and they are letting massive numbers in; almost everyone is then released onto our streets.

As you can see, this is a planned invasion of our country so Democrats can gain power. Originally, Republicans wanted the people to come for cheap labor, but then Democrats realized they were voting for Democrats. They knew they could have a permanent electoral majority with massive illegal immigration.

Mayorkas is now calling for amnesty for these people breaking our laws.

The nearly 68,000 apprehensions last week is up from about 55,000 the week before and up from the 30,000 to 35,000 that the Border Patrol was averaging each week early in the year.

Chief Ortiz said the Border Patrol also detected 15,780 migrants who crossed but they couldn’t apprehend.

Border Patrol is engulfed in paperwork, and fewer are on the border. He’s worried about it.

Thank God for Border Patrol, who found this child.

Drugs are pouring in, and they will kill our youth. Is that part of Mayorkas’s plan.

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