Secretary of State Blinken admits he asks the Taliban for permission to evacuate


Anthony Blinken went on to Face the Nation claiming he isn’t giving the Taliban credibility and then proved he was giving them credibility. He admitted he is getting Taliban permission to evacuate American citizens from Afghanistan. Then he lied about the situation at the airport. He either lied or he’s delusional. Either is possible.

He’s an absolute idiot, but he speaks well.




  1. Stinkin’ Blinken continues his getting punked and pwned tour of feckless incompetent participation trophy irrelevance.
    We’ll be lucky if our external enemies don’t attack directly before 2024.

  2. Just read that Germany evacuated everyone back in July, did someone tip them off?
    Guess who will now have the worlds biggest copper mine and lithium.
    Aww yeaa…CCP all up in there and so will Vladimir.
    Get to work on the solar and unicorn fart powered electronic gadgets Green Nude Eeelers or the natives could get restless.

    (h/t-Cold Fury)

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