Texas alone: 236,000 illegals committed more than 577,000 crimes


Texas does what every state does and lists the criminal behavior of illegal aliens. Look at the stats on drugs.

The data was summarized by ImmigrationReform.com.

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) released its latest report on the number of crimes committed by foreign nationals in Texas. According to the report, more than 346,000 criminal aliens were booked into local jails across the Lone Star State over the past decade. In addition, more than 236,000, or 68 percent, of those arrested aliens were classified as unlawfully present by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

These 236,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 577,000 criminal offenses throughout their criminal careers. These charges included:

  • Homicide:1,260
  • Assault: 67,533
  • Burglary: 17,535
  • Drugs: 73,311
  • Kidnapping: 1,000
  • Theft: 33,515
  • Obstructing police: 49,733
  • Robbery: 4,184
  • Sexual assault: 7,126
  • Sexual offense: 8,635
  • Weapons: 8,376

Of the 577,000 charges filed against these illegal aliens, more than 254,000 resulted in convictions. Examples of these convictions included:

  • Homicide: 585
  • Assault: 27,984
  • Burglary: 8,942
  • Drugs: 36,284
  • Kidnapping: 358
  • Theft: 15,443
  • Obstructing police: 23,841
  • Robbery: 2,323
  • Sexual assault: 3,646
  • Sexual offense: 4,330
  • Weapons: 3,550

As DPS notes in their methodology, these figures only include criminal aliens who have had a previous encounter with DHS that resulted in their fingerprints being saved in the Automated Biometric Identification System database. This tally does not include unlawful migrants who trespassed into the United States and eluded contact by DHS but were later arrested by state and local law enforcement. Additionally, the report only contains arrests for state-level offenses committed in Texas; some of these aliens could have criminal records in other states or at the federal level. Immigration-related violations are not included in the totals, as those are prosecuted at the federal level.

Thank a Democrat, but also thank George Bush.

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2 years ago

Texas and other border States need build a WWII style prisoner of war Camp out in the middle of the deserts of the Western Border regions. Every Illegal Alien should be charged with Felony Trespass by being in State Illegally and placed in the Camp(s). When Illegals realize that their fate is prison in America instead of a 4 star hotel, they will stop coming. It the Federal Government refuses to enforce the Law, the States have every right to do whatever it takes to protect it’s citizens. If we can “jail” Americans in their homes for a “potential” health crisis, we can can most certainly Jail Illegal Aliens for anything we want.

jack johnson
jack johnson
2 years ago

Here`s an idea….maybe Gov. Abbott should of put his National Guard on his border and protected his state.

Dont think for a second some of these so called "GOP" governors arent complicit.

2 years ago

If I was criminal, running from the law in my home country and could escape into the United States, I would too.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

Say thanks to Joe and his socialist Marxist cronies.

2 years ago

Whining Criers come here to escape crime. GUESS WHAT . They are the CRIMINALS they pretend to want to escape