Self-Appointed World Ruler Bill Gates Calls CCP a “Huge Blessing” in COV Crisis


During an interview with Bloomberg’s John Micklethwait at the New Economy Forum, self-appointed world ruler, Bill Gates moaned about how difficult it is to motivate people in “sub-Saharan African countries where the epidemic has not been as visible” to get the vaccines “but we’ll do the best we can on that.”

Who is he to decide this is what the people in these regions have to do? He obviously thinks he is the one to rule over them.

Micklethwait said Covid “is like the flu.” If anyone said that last year, the person(s) would be banned from social media.

Remarkably, Gates praised China for stopping Covid early, calling it a “huge blessing.” He also more than supports the lockdowns.

Meanwhile, China deliberately spread the virus. They allowed their infected people to travel the world at the same time they would not let them travel within the country.

Not only that, the virus appears to have originated from the Wuhan lab but the CCP won’t provide any information.

They are dirtbag communists. Ask yourself what kind of people would praise them.

Micklethwait noted many people assume China is not telling the truth about their Covid numbers, but he said that “even if they fibbed a bit, they’re still amazingly good.”

Ah, yes, amazingly. “FIBBED A BIT!”


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